New Zealand

Croydon Aircraft Company,

(Colin Smith),
Old Mandeville Airfield,
N°6 R.D.,
New Zealand

Tel: +64 3 208 9755
Fax: +64 3 208 4288

(Scenic flights in classic aircraft such as the DH Tiger Moth and Dominie. Aerobatic joy rides available)

Smith Trans Air,

(Stan Smith)
North Shore Airfield,
Postman Road,
RD4 Albany,
New Zealand.

Tel/Fax: +64 942 63735

(Smith Trans Air is a sister organisation of Smith Tech Air, specialist restorer of thirties and forties aircraft. Smith Trans Air offers rides and other services with DH84 Dragon ZK-AXI and Moth Minor ZK-AKM as well as with Fox and Tiger Moths)

The New Zealand Sport & Aviation Society,

(John McMullan, President)
P.O.Box 669,
Hood Aerodrome,
New Zealand

Tel : +64 942 63735
Email :

(NZSVAS is a non-profit organisation formed in 1976 for restoring and maintaining vintage aircraft. It offers an annual membership that includes a 20 minute flight in your choice of NZSVAS aircraft. The fleet presently includes two Tiger Moths, a J3 and a Percival Proctor 5)