Hartwig Fuel Cell Repair Ltd.

Contact name: Jim Newman or Butch Hartwig

512 Airline Road,
Winnnipeg St. Andrews Airport,
St. Andrews, Manitoba,
R1A 3P3,

Tel: +1 204 668 3234

Fax: +1 204 339 3351

Email: info@hartwig-fuelcell.com

Website: http://www.hartwig-fuelcell.com/


Hartwig makes and repairs rubber fuel cell bladders, which your average Moth doesn’t need. But if you own slightly later DH aeroplanes this is the place to find the rubber tanks you are looking for. Both the 9 and the 12 gallon Chipmunk tanks can be delivered against either UK or Canadian part numbers, but check out the repair service first.

This page last updated on: 7th January 2020

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