Poncelet (Etablissements Poncelet)

Contact name: Marc Deltenre

Z.I. de Martinrou,
Rue du Progrès 6,
6220 Fleurus,

Tel: +32 475 44 36 20

Email: info@poncelet.eu

Website: http://www.ets-poncelet.com/index.html


Etablissements Poncelet was founded in 1932 to make wooden propellers and later wooden boats. Lead by the Poncelet family for three generations, in 2012 Marc Deltenre took over the reins to develop the business further. The propeller making tradition continues, and wooden propellers are also renovated and repaired. Experience includes propellers for homebuilts and World War I fighters as well as DH designs.

This page last updated on: 12th January 2020

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