G & M Aerotanks

Contact name: Grant Garner

30 Conway Road,


Nottingham, NG15 6GS,


Tel: +44 115 953 6442

Email: grant.garner1@ntlworld.com

Website: None


12 years experience making and repairing 19 gallon main tanks for the DH60 and DH82 using original manufacturing methods but from 22swg (0.028” where original size was 0.022” or 0.018”). Tanks are built using original or new fittings, both fittings and stiffeners are riveted with copper rivets and soldered.  Supplied with new glass fuel gauge, pressure tested to 1.5 psi, unpainted.  Conformity documentation available.

This page last updated on: 30th January 2020

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