Tiger Moth Operations

Public Accessibility to Flights in the Tiger Moth and other de Havilland Aircraft

The de Havilland Moth Club receives many requests for information regarding flights in Tiger Moths and other de Havilland aircraft represented by the Club.  This Register lists by country the public joy ride and air experience flight facilities known by the Club to be offered in any type of de Havilland piston engine aircraft designed in the United Kingdom.  It is intended to expand this Register to cover world wide availability.

If you are looking for Flying Training, or for Corporate Entertainment, Photography or other professional services that use de Havilland aircraft, you should go to the Service Register section of this site (http://www.dhmothclub.co.uk/msr/) and look under either Section 27B or 27C.  If you are looking for flying models or plans for model aircraft, look under the Service Register Section 50A.

This symbol is applied to concerns that are reported to have difficulty in responding to written communications, and in some cases to messages left by telephone.  It does not imply that bad service or other shortcomings in their customer relations have been reported.

If you wish to add your operations to this Register, or to make a recommendation to the Club, please contact the de Havilland Moth Club by mail, fax or email at the address stated below.   The Register is maintained on a voluntary basis, and there is no charge for inclusion.  The de Havilland Moth Club reserves the right to include or exclude any proposed announcement at its sole discretion.

While announcements of de Havilland aircraft operations are accepted and published in good faith, the de Havilland Moth Club can accept no responsibility for claims made for services by operators or their agents.

The de Havilland Moth Club can be contacted at:

23 Hall Park Hill
Hertfordshire HP4 2NH

Telephone +44 (0)1442-862077
Fax +44 (0)845 1275019

email: dhmoth@dhmothclub.co.uk

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