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Power Unit

Power Unit. Engine installation

Fine wire mesh used for hose jointing in the engine bay. Supplied in 12in squares. £5.00 per square.
H37227 Clip for petrol pipe.

Power Unit. Engine cowling

H23993 Mk 4 Fastener, cowling clip, RH.
H23999RH Washer plate, cowling clip.
H31945A Clip, rear, port, fixing side cowling
H31946 lip, rear, starboard, fixing side cowl.
H35584 Washer plate, fixing under-cowling hinge.
H35752 Wire, draw hinge
H35764 Hinge, angle, starboard, engine under-cowling.
Also available: cowling hinge pins. Further details on request.

Power Unit. Engine mounting

H22000 Engine mounting rubber block. New manufacture. £36 per set of four.
H31535/1 Washer.
H31536/2 Washer.

Power Unit. Miscellaneous

1300-10 Contoured spinner washers. £17.00 each.
Aluminium spinner. New manufacture. £18.50 each.
Knurled brass nuts for ignition cable terminal end attachment to plugs. £1.00 each or £7.50 per set of 8 nuts.
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