The de Havilland Moth Club Stockbox
Alighting Gear

    Dunlop tyres, original pattern. New manufacture.

        700 x 7.5 Tiger Moth tyres
        7.25 x 7.75 Hornet and Leopard Moth tyres

        Details of prices and delivery from deHMC HQ 

Alighting gear. Tailskid

H24456 (complete with two bushes H24705) Tiger Moth tailskid spring. £45 each.
Tailskid shoe, drilled ready for assembly. £37.50 each.
H24705 Distance bush.
H31081 Pin.
H33216 Tailskid buffer.
H35260A Tube.
H36502 Stop plate.
H36565A Bearing skid.
52038 Bolt carriage.
61376A Lever top for spring.
TT10273 Nut 3/8 BSF slotted.

Alighting gear. Undercarriage

Mainwheel outer hub blanks, plain or DH monogramme. Glass fibre, unpainted. £39 per pair.
H11132 Sleeve.
H21583 Collar attachment.
H21635 Stay for tripod.
H22152 Eye end. £20.00 each.
H22153 Clip, fairing.
H24060 Pin, universal joint, attachment to compression leg.
H32916 Shim.
H33162 Collar.
40548 Bolt oversize. £5.00 each.
45490 End top for cylinder (Pre Mod 117).
45491 End fork (Pre Mod 117).
45586 Friction bush.
45587 Tube bottom group.
45588 Seating for spring.
45871 Friction cone. £15.00 each.
60393 Spring at middle.
60666 Shim for compression leg. £1.50 each.
61084 Saddlewasher for compression leg. £1.50 each.
62804ND Plug (Mod 99).
62814 Sleeve locating (Mod 99).
63063 End fork (Mod 117).
63064 End, top, for cylinder (Mod 117).
U 2183 Axle Group port. £150.00 complete.
U 2184 Axle Group starboard. £150.00 complete.

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