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Fuselage Assembly

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Cabane strut end fairings. New manufacture in glass fibre. £49.50 pair (LH/RH), £25.50 individual sides.
Doorknobs. Aluminium with black anodised finish. Indistinguishable from the original in shape or touch and these will not split! £6.25 each. Four for £24.00. Eight for £47.00.
Fuel cock locking kit (TNS34). £40.00 per kit.
Identity plates, reproduction of the plates fitted on Hatfield-built airframes. £18.00 each. .
Windscreen screws supplied in packets of 20:
-    8BA £2.50 packet. (Fix top clips onto frame pillars.)
-    1/8 BSW, £4.00 packet. (Raised countersunk fix feet to frame.)

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Windscreen glass. New manufacture laminated glass:
-    Front (short) windscreen:
-    Front glass £68.00 per pane.
-    Side glass £48.00 per pane.
-    Rear (tall) windscreen:
-    Front glass £68.00 per piece.
-    Side glass £48.00 per piece.
H11086 Eyebolt for fixing tailplane.
H21608 Bracket for undercarriage stay.
H22968 Mk 2 Saddle washers. Packs of 10 washers at £31.00. (Washers are aluminium, drilled for a 2BA bolt and are not countersunk but can be easily converted.)
H22423 Bracket at pivot group, Joint J.
H24087/LH Angle plate, port, joint C.
H24087/RH Angle plate, starboard, joint C.
H24176/LH Angle plate at Joint C, port.
H24330 Clip for rudder cable fairlead.
H24331 Fairlead for rudder cables.
H24336 Fairlead for elevator cables.
H24438LH Guide for rudder bar.
H24373 datum bolts, Joint L, mild steel, .
H24702 Lug, front cockpit harness attachment.
H24703 Lug, harness, rear.
H25045 Mk 4 Lock plate at joint L.
H26365 Draught screen.
H27770LH Lug tail plane stay.
H29716 Bracket, Joint X, port.
H29448/RH Support plate for rudder bar guide.
H29717 Bracket, joint X, port.
H29804 Pivot group joint J.
H29896 Ferrule for fixing front footstep.
H30988 Jack plate port, Joint F.
H30989 Jack plate, starboard, joint F.
H33307 Drain plate.
H33891 Lug, RH at joint H.
H33892 Lug, Joint H, LH. .
H34640 Bracket at joint H, port.
H34641 Bracket at joint H starboard.
H34701 Lug, seat and harness fitting, port.
H34702 Lug, seat and harness fitting, starboard.
H34793 Lug, rear, for harness cable.
H35142A Plate at Joint C, port.
H35143A Plate at Joint C, starboard.
H35488 Bracket, decking (cowl) support, port.
H35506A Door top catch port.
H35507A Door top catch starboard.
H36237A Door front port.
H36238A Door front starboard.
H36280 Draught screen port.
H36755 Bracket fixing rudder bar member.
H36780 Bottom plate for fire extinguisher mounting.
H37615 Rear fuselage cowl bulkhead.
H37654 Block for Yale lock.
H37880 datum bolt, Joint E (engine bulkhead), high tensile. £12.50 each.
H39601A Hinge for door.
H39696A Fillet for oil tank bearer.
43405 Mk 2 Heel plate.
44094/C Clip, support, for fire extinguisher mounting.
48480A Door rear port.
48481A Door rear starboard.
48485A Filling, starboard rear door.
48486 Strip for blind flying hood.
48488 Attachment plate for blind flying hood.
48499 Tube, distance for blind flying hood.
48530 Locking lever, blind flying hood Pre Mod 110.
48908 Clip, fixing identification lamp mounting frame.
60900D Washer.
62888 Channel drain.
62901A Blind flying hood catch.
H70067 (TNS 37) shoulder harness restraint cables, rear cockpit, cable only. £23.00 per cable.
H70068 (TNS 37) shoulder harness restraint cables, front cockpit, cable only.£23.00 per cable.
M2616/B Mounting for identification lamp.
TT10793 Screw.
Instrument board with and without inclinometer slot.

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