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Fuel System

Fuel system. Fuel pipes and accessories

Cork washers for fuel cock on/off slider unit. Two corks per set. £3.95 per washer.
H23324-3 Sump.
H23324-4 Fuel filter element.
H23324-7 Washer.
H28028 Clip, pipe to strut..
H30711A Clip, strut and stud.
H31059A Fuel cock operating rod, less ends.
H33960 Fork end, fuel control rod.
H34569 Clip on diagonal strut.
H35498 Fuel filter bracket.
H35648A Support gravity tank.
H35701 Mk 1 Distance bush for support bracket, front cockpit.
H35787 Bell crank.
H35788A Bracket control rod support.
H36086A Fuel indicator plate, rear cockpit.
41949A Stop block for fuel control rod in cockpit.
41950 Stop plate for fuel control rod in cockpit.
SP331 Mk 3 Washer fuel cock attachment.

Fuel System. Fuel tank

Fuel tank sight glass. New manufacture. £11.00 each.

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