The de Havilland Moth Club Stockbox

Controls. Machine Controls

H11277 Distance tube.
H11286A Support.
H11288A Pin pivot.
H11290 Pin for rudder bar connecting rod.
H11291 Wiring plate.
H11297A Rear cross member.
H11299A Front cross member.
H11303 Shackle for lever.
H11304 Distance piece. £1.00 each.
H11316 Shackle for elevator rockshaft.
H11319A LH Mounting for elevator rockshaft, port.
H11319A RH Mounting for elevator rockshaft, starboard.
H11325 Rubbing plate, rudder bar.
H11336 Rudder pedal rubber pads (for DH.82 and DH.94.) £8.00 each.
H11338 Plate washer.
H11340 Shackle for aileron return lever.
H13105 Spring for rudder bar tension cable.
H13396 Wiring lug for rudder bar tension cable. .
H14494 Plate for rocking shaft lever.
H18084A Spring pin.
H18086 Pin for rudder bar.
H18951 Locking pin, front control stick.
H19553A Rudder cable group.
H19591A Elevator cable top group.
H19592A Elevator cable bottom group.
H19725 Lug for seat fixing.
H19891 Rod, guide.
H19901C Hinge pin for front control column stowage.
H20739LH Bracket, port, for seat.
H20739RH Bracket, starboard, for seat.
H21694A Lever tail trim.
H22629M Countersunk bolt 2BA.
H22901 Bracket rear control box.
H24038 Special nut.
H24215A. Rod connecting front and rear control columns.
H24216 Clip for control stick connecting rod.
H24220A Pivot for pedals.
H24223A Pivot for links.
H24224 Rudder bar links.
H24650 Bearing.
H25544LH Bracket, port, control box.
H25544RH Bracket, starboard, control box.
H28878 Cover for rear control stock.
H31393A Fork end for control column.
H36733A Control Box.
H37129A Rockshaft.
H37709A Pedal.
H38259 Shackle.
39604 Plate cover control box.
48604 Angle plate for control box cross member.
51391 Spacer plate for rudder control cables.
52388 Hinge for front control stick cover
62988 Stiffening plate for control box, LH.
U1108 Rod connecting aileron.
U 2739 Rudder bar front group, complete assembly,
U 2740 Rudder bar rear group, complete assembly, .

Controls. Tail adjusting gear

H11635/1 Distance bush, front quadrant attachment.
H19018 Bush, front quadrant.
H22436 Stop plate.
H22437 Spring leaf.
H28526 Fitting, attachment, connecting rod.
H34582 Crank.
H34771 Eyebolt, quadrant, front group.
H34810A Handle.
H34811A Bracket, handle.
H34812 Lever.
H34883 Bowden cable, quadrant linking, trimmer. New manufacture. £22.50 each.
H35490 Knob.
H35671A Quadrant and lever front.

Controls. Slot locking gear in cockpit

H11637 Quadrant.
H11639 Spring
H11642 Mounting for quadrant.
H14048 Stop.
H24282 Bracket, fixing, quadrant mounting.
H31587C 2BA bolt.
H34784A Lever.
H34785A Quadrant for slot gear control.
H34960A Bracket.
H35549 Bracket.
H35550A Bracket, pulley group.
H35551 Bracket.
H35552A Pulley group bracket.
H35560 Pulley.
H35638A Pulley group. Slat cables.
H35639 Clip fixing cable on strut.
H35640 Fairlead for cable on strut.
H35641 Fairlead for cable on strut.

Controls. Engine controls

H12622 Bearing plate.
H12623 Fork connecting front throttle group. r.
H19859 Guide bracket altitude rod.
H24671A Support for front throttle .
H25872 Bracket rear throttle group.
H25873 Support plate.
H32306 Distance washer.
H32439 Plate, engine control.
57594 Fairlead for petrol control rod.

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