The de Havilland Moth Club Stockbox

    Rigging Wires, with and without end fittings, by set or single wires.
       New manufacture in stainless steel, polished finish, for DH60, DH82, DH83,
       DH84, DH85, DH87, DH89, DH90.
       Details of price and delivery on request.

Aerofoils. Aileron

H18970 plate for lever attachment.
H19878/2 Eyebolt
H29511 Lever port.
H29512 Lever starboard.60903 Special washer.

Aerofoils. Top centre plane

Cabane strut lower joint fairings, LH and RH, glass fibre unpainted. £39 per pair.
Centre section convex mirror, £39.95.
H29762 Wiring lug on front spar.
H29904 Rubber packing washer.
H35284 Wiring lug on rear spar.
H35397 Washer plate, front port..
H35398 Washer plate front starboard.
H35590 Special bolt for rear spar, port.
H38729 Eye end LH. Cross spar.
61098/61099 Mirror mounting brackets, complete, £16.50 a set.

Aerofoils. Top main planes

H8709 Mk 2. Cable clip.
H8709/3 Clip.
H16762 Wire spacer.
H18735 Inspection ring.
H18869 Clip fixing bend, wing tip.
H23200 Washer plate for slat attachment.
H32213 Slat aerofoil starboard.
H32214 Slat aerofoil port.
H33842 U plate, port, joint F.
H33843 U plate, starboard, joint F.
H34671A Bracket, slat mounting, starboard.
H34709 Nose rib auto slot port.
H34742 Wiring plate, port, rear landing wire.
H34743 Wiring plate, starboard, rear landing wire.
H34759 U plate, port, joint E.
H34760 U plate, starboard, joint E.
H34951 Plate angle inner on front spar.
H34952 Wiring plate, inner on front spar.
H35042 Plate wiring joint B.
H35182A Wiring plate, port, Joint F, rear spar.
H35183A Wiring plate, starboard, Joint F, rear spar.
H35187A Wiring plate, starboard, Joint E, front spar.
H35213A Washer plate, port, Joint E, front spar.
H35258 Fixing plate, slat lock spring.
H35371 Washer plate, port, Joint F, rear spar.
H35372 Washer plate, starboard, joint F, rear spar.
H35443 Distance piece.
H35645 Fibre guide for cable, port.
H35762 Oval ring. £2.50 each.
H36910 Special repair rib clip.
H37881 Tube support.
H37953A End plate, Joint A, front spar, port.
H37967A Root end bend, port.
49307A Special nose rib port.
53445 Special washers for Tiger Moth top wing rear spar attachment. New manufacture. Released item. £1.90 each.
55370A Clip for outer drag strut.
55373 Support wing tip bend port.
61688A Pulley for slat locking cable.
62895 Bracket, attachment, end rib.
Arm, slat link, various.

Aerofoils. Bottom main planes

Wood shrinkage washers supplied in packs of 50.
3/16ID x 9/16OD (2BA) £8.00.
1/4ID x 11/16OD £12.50.
5/16ID x 7/8OD £9.00.
H11678 Shackle.
H19014 Clip for platform ribs.
H19111 Spar packing.
H19391 Stud for aileron control gear.
H19393 Disc for aileron control gear.
H19444 Angle bracket, aileron control gear.
H19545/LH Tethering plate at Joint J.
H19545/RH Tethering plate at Joint J.
H19828 Packing leading edge.
H19972 Drainage washer.
H20236 Packing.
H20333 Mk 2 Aileron hinge bolt, starboard.
H20333 Mk 3 Aileron hinge bolt, starboard.
H20334 Mk2 Aileron hinge bolt, port. .
H20334 Mk 3. Aileron hinge bolt, port.
H26457A Platform, standing LH.
H26458A Platform, standing RH.
H27264 U plate, joint K, rear spar, port.
H27265 U plate, joint K, rear spar, starboard.
H28706 Spar packing.
H30873 Plate cover for aileron gear.
H332699 Pin special.
H34392 Attachment plate for stbd rear flying wire.
H34394 Plate, streamline wire attachment, joint E, port.
H34395 Plate, streamline wire attachment, joint E, starboard.
H35010A Lug, root end port, Joint G, rear spar.
H35120 Lug, wiring, root on front spar.
H35121 Lug wiring root on front spar.
H35155 U-plate at Joint J, rear spar.
H35156 U plate, starboard, joint J front spar.
H35180A Wiring plate, port, Joint K, rear spar.
H35181A Wiring plate, starboard, Joint K, rear spar.
H35184A Wiring plate, port, Joint J, front spar.
H35211 Washer plate, port, Joint K, rear spar.
H35212 Washer plate, joint K, rear spar, starboard.
H35294A Aileron cable pre Mod 114.
H35940 Special bolt fixing wiring lug, Joint E.
H36956 Wiring lug at Joint G, rear spar.
H37561A Aileron hinge bolt, port.
H37562A Aileron hinge bolt, starboard.
H37564 Washer, aileron hinge plate.
H37782 Tube support.
H39379 Washer plate, port, Joint G, rear spar.
H39380 Washer plate, starboard, Joint G, rear spar.
H39548 Cable guide at Joint G.
55370A Clip for outer drag strut.
55371 Stiffener for tip bow support. Port side
62261A Lever for aileron control gear.
63061 Link, joint, aileron cable in main plane.
63093 Guide plate aileron box.
63754 Filling block aileron box Mod 134/138.
63757 Washer plate aileron box.

Aerofoils. Interplane struts and external bracing

H15582 Mk 1 Washer.
H21916 Pin, adjustable strut.
H34434A Strut rear starboard.
H35093 Interplane strut front.
H35094 Interplane strut rear.
H35471A Strut rear port.
H37867 Pin for bottom front attachment.
Acorns, front wooden bullet.
Acorns, centre wooden shaft.
Acorns, rear wooden bullet.
Centre tubes.
TT3504 Nut for acorn group.

Aerofoils. Tailplane

H11083 Eye bolt for front attachment.
H14058/RH Lug, stay tube, starboard.
H19560 Rib.
H19895A/LH Cable guide port.
H19895A/RH Cable guide starboard.
H20333 Mk 1 Elevator hinge bolt, starboard.
H20333/3, Elevator hinge bolt, starboard.
H20333 Mk 3 Elevator hinge bolt, port
H20333/3 Elevator hinge bolt, port
H20333 Mk 3 Elevator hinge bolt, starboard.
H20334 Mk 1 Elevator hinge bolt, port.
H20336 Mk 2 Washer plate for hingebolt.
H31305/LH Lug stay tube port.
H31305RH Lug, stay tube, starboard.

Aerofoils. Elevator

H11090 Rib.
H11091 Rib.
H19878 Mk 3 Eye bolt attachment.
H19878 Mk 4 Eye bolt attachment.
H29152 Lever, bottom.
H29153 Lever, top.

Aerofoils. Fin

H12968 Box rib.
H19474 Plate, attachment, front.
H19972 Drain washer.
H25962 Mk 1 Eye bolt, rudder attachment.
H27986 Washer plate on spar.
H28098A Mk 1 Bolt, tailskid attachment.
60900E Washer.

Aerofoils. Rudder

H12958 Clip, fixing bend.
H20336 Mk 4 Washer plate for hinge bolt.
H20338 Mk 1 Hinge bolt attachment.
H24373 Bottom rib.
H24742 Rib.
H25965A Bottom hinge.
40083A Steering plate, port.
40084A Steering plate, starboard.

Aerofoils. Tail struts and bracing assembly

H18969 Plate connecting elevators.
H24038. Nut fixing tailskid.
H25963 Rudder hinge pin.
H25996 Distance piece for rudder hinge.
H36619 Bracket support tail plane.
U709LH Stay for tailplane.
U709RH Stay for tailplane.

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