The de Havilland Moth Club Stockbox

Repairs. Fuselage

H35773 Mk 2. Fishplate.
H35771 Plate sleeve 5/8in diameter tube.

Repairs. Mainplanes.

H27657 Packing mainspar.
H36906 Rib.

Repairs. Struts and Bracing

57667 Pin replaces SP4/D4.
59283 Pin replaces SP4/D4.
59892 Pin replaces H25963.
61817 Pin replaces H35487.
61820 Pin replaces H21916.
61821 Pin replaces H21916.
61822 Pin replaces SP4/D4.
61824 Pin replaces SP4/F5.
61825 Pin replaces SP4/F5.

Repairs. Undercarriage and Tailskid

40550 Pin replaces H21632.
40551 Pin 29/64in diameter.
59497 Pin replaces H31801.
59498 Pin replaces H31081.
59666 Pin replaces H24060
59848 Pin replaces H21632.
59923 Pin replaces H24060.
59997 Bolt replaces H37952.
59998 Bolt replaces H37952.
60000 Bolt replaces 41329.
60001 Bolt replaces H22186.
60002 Bolt replaces H22186.
60665ND Shim for compression leg R1188.
60666ND Shim for compression leg.
61078 Pin replaces H31081.
62830 Bush for tail skid attachment.
63052 Pin replaces H24060.

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