The de Havilland Moth Club Stockbox

Miscellaneous. Instruments

H35131 Clip for rev drive.
H35646 Guide for pitot tubing.
50249 Pad on bulkhead.
62756A Top bracket for sub-panel.
62757A Bottom bracket for sub panel.
62759A Bottom bracket for instrument panel.
TT10812 Whitworth bolt.
6A/600 Venturi head.

Miscellaneous Assembly

H23777 Harness connecting link.
H24809 Clip Telephone tube fixing.
H26197 Mk 2 Clip pipe fixing.
H29567A Pulley for safety harness, front cockpit.
H35645 Fibre guide for oil pressure leads.
50265 Instruction plate navigation light.
61099 Bracket for centre section mirror. Pre mod 94.
61458 Distance tube for Mk VIIA pressure head.

61458/2 Distance tube for Mk VIIA pressure head.
61529 Plate attachment for Mk VIIA pressure head.
SPI/690C Shackle.

Tachometer drives

63 inch. Inner cable only.
98 inch. Armoured outer only. Used.

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