The Moth Service Register

This list of suppliers and services useful to the pilots and operators of de Havilland Moth Club aircraft has been compiled from recommendations made by members of the Club.  While considerable effort is made to keep the information up to date, we apologise for any errors or omissions that may be encountered.  Your constructive suggestions for additions and amendments to the list are valued and welcomed.
The Register is maintained on a voluntary basis, and there is no charge for inclusion.  The de Havilland Moth Club reserves the right to include or exclude any proposed announcement at its sole discretion.
The information to be found in this Register is accepted and published in good faith, but the de Havilland Moth Club and its staff can accept no responsibility for claims made for the services and products listed therein.
Where applicable links are made to the websites (click on the company name) and E-Mail (click on the E-mail address) of the concerns listed.

This symbol is applied to concerns that are reported to have difficulty in responding to written communications, and in some cases to messages left by telephone.  It does not imply that bad service or other shortcomings in their customer relations have been reported. The symbol can be applied to companies otherwise strongly recommended for technical or other attributes. It is not applied when problems are solely related to language translation.

De Havilland heritage aircraft are flown in many countries under many different aircraft regulatory regimes. The presence of a name within any of the Sections of the Service Register does not imply that such entity is automatically able to certify its services or supplies within the regulatory regime applying to any particular aircraft. The owner, operator or maintenance engineer using this list is strongly advised in all cases to conduct such specific verification as he or she sees fit to ensure that the parts and services incorporated in a specific aircraft are acceptable to the applicable regulatory regime. Where possible and within the limits of the Moth Club's limited means, Service Register entries will include information that may be helpful in this respect, but in no case does the Club warrant that such information is complete and without error.
If you wish to make an amendment or recommend a supplier or services to be included in the Moth Service Register, please use the on-line form (the link is at the head of the index panel on the left of the screen) or send/fax your message to the Club's address:

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