The Moth Service Register

Aero Antiques/MK Aviation Services
(Mike Souch)
Durley Airstrip,
Hill Farm,
Netherhill Lane,
Southampton, SO32 2BP,
Tel : +44 1489 789 829
Mobile : 07792 772 730
( Founded by Ron Souch, Aero Antiques /MK Aviation Services has the restoration or major repair of over one hundred 1930s British light aircraft to its credit, including many de Havilland types.  AA/MK can fabricate major wooden components for such projects )

BVA Vintage Aviation LCC
(Bruno Vonlanthen)
F.X.Müllerstrasse 41,
3185 Schmitten
Tel: +41 26 496 13 52
(BVA Vintage Aviation is a new business (2014) founded by ex Swiss Air Force qualified engineer and permit aircraft inspector Bruno Vonlanthen, already well known for his restoration of DH60GIII HB-UBO and Tiger Moth HB-UBC)

Crofton Aero Services,
(Paul Groves),
31 Russell Road,
Hampshire PO13 9HR.
Tel : 44 2392 551 870
Mobile : 07958 240 890
Email :
(Crofton Aero Services specialises in restoration and repair, overhaul and product support of vintage aircraft and has extensive experience of Moths and the Gipsy Major engine)

Croydon Aircraft Company,
(Colin Smith),
Old Mandeville Airfield,
No.6 R.D.,
New Zealand,
Tel: 64 3 208 9755
Fax: 64 3 208 4288

Davidson Aeroworks,
(Neil Davidson),
2135 St. Mary Lake Road,
British Columbia V1A 3K4,
Tel: +1 250 427 7178
Fax: +1 250 427 7678
(Davidson Aeroworks manufactures wooden spars (see section 68), fin, stabilizer and wing leading and trailing edges, interplane struts and other wooden components for the Tiger Moth and Gipsy Moth.
Davidson Aeroworks has a Transport Canada Specialised approval for the fabrication, repair and testing of aircraft wooden structures, which has permitted special procedures approval of components under other regulatory regimes)

Flying Restorations Ltd.,
(Steve Roberts, Martin Kimm),
Unit 1, Rotary Farm,
Thorncote Green, Nr Hatch, Sandy, Bedfordshire
SG19 1PU, England.
Mobile : +44 7720 681 642
Email :
(After 30 years as part of the famous SkySport team, Steve Roberts and Martin Kimm have launched Flying Restorations to continue from the same airfield many of the antique aircraft services that made SkySportís international reputation)

Hawker Restorations Ltd.,
(Tony Ditheridge)
Moat Farm, Milden,
Suffolk, IP7 7AF,
Tel : +44 1449 740 544
Fax : +44 1449 740 100
Email :
(Hawker Restorations, known for Hurricanes and AJD Engineering, known for Sopwiths, are Tony Ditheridgeís vehicles for many a restoration or reproduction masterpiece. HR has CAA A8-20, E2, E4 and M5 approvals and offers wooden component manufacture and related services)

Hodge Air Services Ltd.,
(David Hodgkinson)
Unit 21, Thruxton Industrial Estate,
Thruxton Airfield, Thruxton
Hampshire, SP11 8PW,
Tel/Fax: +44 1732 822 686
( Hodge Air Services was founded in 1974 and specialises in wooden components. The company has extensive Moth experience, particularly Tiger Moth wings. Some components can be furnished covered on an exchange basis )

Luskintyre Aircraft Restorations
(Ray Windred, Matt Webber)
Luskintyre Airfield,
252 Pywells Road,
Lochinvar, NSW 2321
Postal address:
P.O. Box 50,
Lochinvar, NSW 2321,
Tel: +61 2 4930 6221
Fax: +61 2 4930 6231
(Luskintyre Aircraft Restorations was well known as Windair and is a major restorer and repairer of de Havilland aircraft. Based on the private airfield of Luskintyre, LAR continues a 30 year tradition of Tiger Moth restoration and repair, including the manufacture of new wooden components)

Newbury Aeroplane Co.,
(Jan Cooper),
Denford Manor,
Berkshire, RG17 0UN.
Tel: +44 1488 682 949
(Specialist in 1930s aeroplanes with substantial DH experience, available for advice and airframe components and repairs)

Poncelet (Etablissements Poncelet)
(Marc Deltenre)
Z.I. de Martinrou,
Rue du Progrès 6,
6220 Fleurus,
Tel: +32 475 44 36 20
Email :
( Etablissements Poncelet was founded in 1932 to make wooden propellers and later wooden boats. Lead by the Poncelet family for three generations, in 2012 Marc Deltenre took over the reins to develop the business further. The propeller making tradition continues and the company has begun making other wooden aircraft components. Experience includes several sets of wings for airworthy reproductions of the Aviatik C.1.)

Raymondís Aircraft Restoration,
(Raymond Cuypers),
Antwerp Airport,
B-2100 Deurne,
Tel: +32 3 322 7522
Mobile: +32 495 548 850
Fax: +32 3 322 3358
(Raymond Cuypers has been restoring classic and antique aircraft Ė and winning prizes - for 20 years, and set up his business at Antwerp in 2003 (Belgian CAA licence n° VA03-12). Wooden aircraft are a speciality, and Raymondís experience includes Fokker, Auster, Stampe and Aeronca aircraft as well as the Chipmunk and Tiger Moth. The business is Belgian CAA licensed for wooden component manufacture)

Smith Tech Air,
(Stan Smith)
North Shore Airfield,
Postman Road,
RD4 Albany,
New Zealand.
Tel: +64 942 48759
Tel/Fax: +64 942 63735
(Smith Tech Air is associated with many thirties and forties aircraft projects, including the de Havilland types DH82, DH83, DH84 (ZK-AXI) and DH94 (ZK-AKM). Smith Tech Air will supply wooden components separately)

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