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78B. Tie rods and nuts

Note: Following the fatal accident to Tiger Moth VH-TSG in December 2013, the tie rods connecting the lower wings of the Tiger Moth through the fuselage have been the focus of intensive technical investigation. The rods and their nuts are now subject of UK Emergency Airworthiness Directive G-2014-0001-E, issued 21.03.14, applicable to all versions of the Tiger Moth. Similar directives are anticipated from other aeronautical authorities and similar provisions are expected to be applied in the near future to all variants of the DH60 Moth and the DH83 Fox Moth. Persons responsible for maintaining airworthiness of these aircraft should contact the applicable TRA holder and aeronautical authority for further information.
Please note that since 1999 these tie rods with their nuts are life limited components and operators are advised to consult TNS29 and the ensuing mandatory directives.

Bruntons Aero Products
(Derek Little)
Unit 1-3, Block 1,
Inveresk Industrial Estate, Musselburgh, East Lothian, EH1 7PA, Scotland
Tel: +44 131 665 3888
Fax: +44 131 653 2236
(Bruntons claim to have invented the streamlined wire for aeroplane rigging in 1909, and have been making wires and other aeronautical components ever since. Although Bruntons abandoned its aeronautical manufacturing certification in 2012, it continues its fine tradition and produces components for permit regulated aircraft or for certification by third parties)

de Havilland Support Ltd.,
(Mark Miller)
Building 213,
Duxford Airfield, Duxford,
Cambridgeshire CB22 4QR,
Telephone: +44 1223 830 090
Fax: +44 1223 830 085
(DHSL holds a TRA from the UK CAA to oversee the continued airworthiness of the Tiger Moth, Dragon Rapide, Chipmunk and the Scottish Aviation Bulldog.  DHSL also holds a UK CAA British Civil Airworthiness Requirements (BCAR), Section A8-21combined Design and Production Organisation Approval (DOA/POA).  Under the terms of its POA, DHSL subcontracts the manufacture of tie bars, tie rods, bolts and nuts for the Chipmunk and for the DH82 Tiger Moth. All bars, rods, nuts and bolts supplied by DHSL are accompanied by full C of A documentation)

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