The Moth Service Register

Eyre & Baxter (Stampcraft) Ltd.,
(John Baxter),
229 Derbyshire Lane,
Sheffield, S8 8SD,
Tel: +44 114 250 0153
Fax: +44 114 258 0856
Email: or
(Eyre and Baxter are industrial engravers, with equipment to profile cut and mill sheet materials. All kinds of nameplates, chassis plates, signs and placards can be made from plywood, brass, aluminium and plastic laminate. Panels can be cut to any size and letters engraved directly upon them. If you want to see a sample, John Baxter is part owner of Tiger Moth G-BPHR)

G. S. Head (Engravers),
22 Wilton Road,
Surrey RH1 6QR.
Tel: 01737 769563
Fax: 01737 769563

Hockerill Engraving GPC,
(Kathy Archer)
Unit 1, The Orchard,
Rockbeare, Exeter, EX5 2HD,
Tel: +44 1404 822 004
Fax: +44 5601 522 547
(Manufacturers all kinds of signs and plaques made of metal, including stainless steel, using computer technology combined with traditional engraving and etching methods.  Have produced very high quality replica DH placards for a number of Club aircraft. Do not make non-metallic signs)

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