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44. MAGNETO (Overhaul/Repair)

Bobinages Pascal,
(Daniel Meneau)
10, chemin de Petits Champs, Assay,
45630 Beaulieu-sur-Loire France
Tel : +33 7 86 50 68 97
Email :
(Bobinages Pascal has 40 years experience in the rewinding and overhaul of aircraft magnetos for French based collection and amateur aircraft. The rewinding part of the business has been sold and from 01.12.15, the Issy-les-Moulineaux premises replaced by a new location on the Loire. Call for an appointment)

CFS Aeroproducts Ltd.,
(Mark Bird),
The Alvis Works,
Bubbenhall Road,
Baginton, Coventry, CV8 3BB England
Tel: +44 2476 305 873
Fax: +44 2476 302 088
(CFS Aeroproducts, once a subsidiary of vintage transport fleet operator Air Atlantique, is now an independent company. Amongst many others, CFS overhauls the BTH series magnetos fitted to the Gipsy engines)

Davidson Aeroworks,
(Neil Davidson),
2135 St. Mary Lake Road,
British Columbia V1A 3K4,
Tel: +1 250 427 7178
Fax: +1 250 427 7678
(Davidson Aeroworks offers BTH AG4 magnetos from stock in a completely overhauled and tested condition complete with certification documentation.  Davidson Aeroworks has a Transport Canada Specialised approval for the overhaul of BTH magnetos for Gipsy engines)

Luskintyre Aircraft Restorations
(Matt Webber)
Luskintyre Airfield,
252 Pywells Road,
Lochinvar, NSW 2321
Tel: +61 2 4930 6221
After hours Tel. +61 408 422 805
( Luskintyre Aircraft Restorations, once Windair and based on the private airfield of Luskintyre, continues a 40-year tradition as a major restorer and repairer of de Havilland aircraft. Will overhaul BTH magnetos. )

Smith Tech Air,
(Stan Smith)
North Shore Airfield,
Postman Road,
RD4 Albany,
New Zealand.
Tel: +64 942 48759
Tel/Fax: +64 942 63735
(Smith Tech Air, specialist restorer of thirties and forties aircraft, offers a magneto restoration and maintenance service)

Tony Stairs,
51 Riverside,
London NW4 3TU,
Tel: +44 208 202 5194
Email: none
(Tony Stairs has worked on aircraft magnetos for over 35 years, and his knowledge of them is encyclopaedic. Expect to join a long queue for his services!)

Vintage Engine Technology Ltd.,
(Paul Sharman),
Fullers Hill,
Little Gransden Airfield,
Sandy, Bedfordshire,
SG19 3BP, England
Tel/Fax: +44 1767 651 794
(Vintage Engine Technology has become a byword for excellence in the reconstruction of Gipsy series engines and many others. With the partial retirement of founder Mike Vaisey, Paul Sharman, long time Director of the company, has taken the lead role)

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