The Moth Service Register

This is an experimental section aimed at helping Club members who seek a Flight Examiner to find one who is a Club member. Note: the candidate is not free to choose his flight examiner in all aeronautical regimes.

John Beattie
Mobile: 07710 251 658
( John Beatie is a Club member based in Yeovil, Somerset, and is regularly at Old Warden and North Weald. He is a UK CAA registered helicopter flight examiner, which allows him to sign off the 2 yearly SEP “by experience” requirement)

Brian Salter
Tel: 01603 507 908
Mobile: 07770 906 405
( Brian Salter, a Club member based in Seething, Norfolk, is a flight instructor and UK CAA registered flight examiner. Available during the week and at weekends)

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This page last updated on 5 January, 2018.

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