The Moth Service Register
15. DRAWINGS (for Model Plans see Section 50A)

Deltair Aerospace Ltd.,
(Dave McEwan),
17, Aston Road,
Hants PO7 7XG,
Tel: +44 239 225 5255
Fax: +44 239 225 5534
Email :
(Deltair Aerospace, formerly Deltair Airmotive, has the CAA TRA for safety for the de Havilland Gipsy series engines and offers a full overhaul and testing service, including the original oil control ring modification. Training courses on Gipsy engines are also available)

de Havilland Support Ltd.,
(Bill Taylor, Chief Executive),
Building 213,
Duxford Airfield,
CB22 4QR
Telephone: +44 1223 830 090
Fax: +44 1223 830 085
(DHSL holds a TRA with the UK CAA to oversee the continued airworthiness of the Tiger Moth, Dragon Rapide, Chipmunk and the Scottish Aviation Bulldog.  Under the terms of a Data Licence Agreement with BAE Systems, DHSL holds the drawings and design data for the whole range of Moth types and the other aircraft it supports.  Drawings are not available for the construction of replica aircraft, but are available (against payment) for the restoration, repair and maintenance of genuine DH products)

Chris Tucker,
Derrière Montet 57,
2517 Diesse,
Tel/Fax: +41 32 315 25 60
(Detailed CAD plans of the DH60 are available individually or as a set. These plans are currently being used to support projects in Switzerland and Sweden, are dimensioned in metric and annotated in English and German.  It is stressed that these plans are not DH plans and are offered in good faith but without supporting calculations or warranties, for the convenience of home designer/builders only)

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