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Grouped here are suppliers of wire cables for flight control systems, and of cables and outer casings and related components for engine controls and brake cables.  Electrical cable is not included. Instrument drives are listed under Section 75 (Tachometer Cables). Please note that not all of the names listed below are able to provide aeronautical component release documentation.

Bruntons Aero Products
(Derek Little)
Unit 1-3, Block 1,
Inveresk Industrial Estate,
Musselburgh, East Lothian,
EH1 7PA, Scotland
Tel: +44 131 665 3888
Fax: +44 131 653 2236
(Bruntons are best known in Moth circles for making streamlined wires, (See Section 62) but also make cables and even pulley blocks. US based purchasers can contact Steen Aero Lab, Bruntons’ agent in the USA)

de Havilland Moth Club,
23 Hall Park Hill,
Hertordshire HP4 2NH.
Tel/Fax: 01442 862077
(Check Stock Box at

Hawker Restorations Ltd.,
(Andrew Wenman)
Unit 25,
Elmsett Airfield,
Whatfield Rd.,
Ipswich IP7 6LN,
Tel: +44 1473 828 707
( Founded by Tony Ditheridge as AJD Engineering in 1987 and famous for its Hurricane rebuilds, Hawker Restorations has a long list of restored and reproduction historic aircraft to its credit. Offers swaged cable service. )

Jacottet Industrie S.A.,
(M. Jacottet)
40 bis avenue d’Orléans,
B.P. 50857,
28011 Chartres,
Tel : +33 2 37 28 61 28
Fax : +33 2 37 28 61 25
(Jacottet manufactures parts for Airbus as well as cables for Apex (Robin) Aircraft, the Stampe SV4 and other antique and classic aircraft. (Jacottet est un sous-traitant à Airbus, et fabrique des câbles pour Apex (Robin), le Stampe SV4 et d’autres avions de collection.))

Martin Aviation Services Ltd.,
(John Geary),
19 Village Lane,
Ardmore Airfield,
Papkura PDC 14,
South Auckland,
New Zealand
Tel: +64 9 298 6698
Fax: +64 9 298 5225
(Martin Aviation makes control cables for modern, classic and antique aircraft and has NZ Civil Aviation Authority Manufacturing Organisation certificate number AM36375, and so can issue a Form 1. The company makes control cables of up to 3/16” diameter and is one of the rare organisations still capable of traditional cable splicing. Has experience of many 1930s aeroplanes, including several DH types – Tiger and Fox Moths, Moth Minor, Dragon Rapide and Devon)

Raymond’s Aircraft Restoration,
(Raymond Cuypers),
Antwerp Airport,
B-2100 Deurne,
Tel: +32 3 322 7522
Mobile: +32 495 548 850
Fax: +32 3 322 3358
(Raymond Cuypers has been restoring classic and antique aircraft – and winning prizes - for 20 years, and set up his business at Antwerp in 2003. RAR is licensed by the Belgian CAA for control cable manufacture and installation)

Sky-craft Ltd.,
(Dave Almey)
631 Broadgate,
Weston Hills,
Lincolnshire  PE12 6DP.
Tel: 01406 371779
Fax: 01406 371783
(Sky-craft specialises in Rans and other modern light aircraft but also carries a range materials stock often useful for Moths)

Skytrade (International) Ltd.
(Philip Stott),
Higher Perry Farm,
Cheriton Fitzpaine, Crediton,
Devon EX17 4BQ,
Tel : +44 1884 860 202
Fax : +44 1884 861 610
Email :
(Free catalogue on request)

Speedy Cables (London) Ltd.,
Swansea SA9 1SQ,
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1639 732 213 or +44 1639 732 299
Fax: +44 1639 732 238
(Speedy Cables is the place to find the cable and associated bits for the restoration of handbrake and brake systems, if your Moth has such luxuries, as well as for cable operated engine controls, glider release toggles, etc.  It has recently moved its Hertford operation to Wales (8.04))

Spencer Rigging Ltd.,
Empire Buildings,
St. Mary’s Road, Cowes,
Isle of Wight, PO31 7SX,
Tel:+44 1983 292 022/144
Fax:+44 1983 291 589
Also at :
William Street,
Southampton, SO14 5QH,
Tel: +44 2380 638 921
Fax: +44 2380 333 195
(Spencer specialises in all kinds of rigging (yachts, buildings, etc.).  This is where you will find the material and skills to make all those exotic cables, including hand spliced joins and other details typical of thirties aviation practice)

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