The Moth no. 184

For sale. 1942 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-APIH, property of the late Klaus Stewering, currently based in Germany. All paperwork available. British-registered aircraft operating on a C of A. - Silver grey. Total flight time: 3,625 hours. Wings recovered 1995, fuselage rebuilt 2001, magnetos overhauled in 2007, generator overhauled in 2007. Original instrumentation, long range fuel tank, tailskid, no brakes. Becker AR 4201/25 khz spacing, Becker BXP 6401-X- (XX) Mode S transponder. Gipsy Major 1C engine overhauled in June 1982; 990 hours run since. Invincible propeller (Australia) natural wood finish with brass leading edge. Accessories: two leather flying helmets (new) with integrated headphones, special tools, car transport drawbar, maintenance manuals. Asking £70,000. Please contact Claudia Heitkamp, Germany. E-mail:

Wanted . Fairey Reed propeller A66753X1. Needs to be useable and in good order together with crack detection certificate for both propeller and hub blocks. Ron Gammons. Tel. +44 (0)1462 490049. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. An 11th share in G-ANFM, one of the country's best-known Tiger Moths. Fox Mike is based at White Waltham and has been operated continuously for 50 years by the Reading Flying Group. The aircraft has recently enjoyed a recover of the wings, is fitted with an 8.33khz radio and transponder and has a spare engine currently on rebuild. Pilots with previous Tiger Moth (or similar) experience are preferred. Operating costs are £85/month and £132/hour (wet). The price of the share is £7,500. Contact Tom Kinnaird. Tel. +44 (0)7977 062554. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. Pre-war Canadian DH.82C Tiger Moth, N82CQ. This aircraft is the prototype for all subsequent DH.82Cs built in Canada. It is also the oldest surviving Canadian Tiger Moth. 30 hours since total rebuild and is flying in Driggs, Idaho, 6,100ft elevation. Radio/transponder, cockpit heater, Slick magnetos. Experimental category. Price negotiable. Harry Schoning, Palm Desert, California, USA. E-mail:

For sale. 1944, Australian-built DH.82A Tiger Moth VH-ATP (A17-744.) TT 1,735 hours, Gipsy Major 1C, 390 hours to run. Maintained by RACWA at Jandakot. All history and logbooks. Electrics, tailwheel, brakes, long range tank. The aircraft has been with the current owner for 25 years. Fully restored in 1988. All flying surfaces rebuilt 1996. A$80,000. Clark Rees. Tel. 0408 908 764. (Australia.) E-mail:

For sale. Main spar for starboard upper mainplane, DH.82C Tiger Moth. Located in West Sussex. Details from Tony Palmer. Tel. +44(0)7790 669163. (GB.) E-mail:

Wanted. Glider tow-hook assembly, all parts for the conversion of a Tiger Moth for towing duties. Whatever happened to the towing gear once attached to scores of Tiger Moths operational in France until the early 1970s? Offers please to John Shaw, Cornwall, England. E-mail:

DH.94 Moth Minor ‘Manual of Instructions'. Photocopy available taken from pristine original updated to February 1940. Mark Preston, Exeter, Devon. E-mail:

For sale . Five-bedroom farmhouse with 550m airstrip in 40 acres, hangar, outbuildings, river frontage with fishing rights. Located in Bedfordshire. Further details from Ant West. Tel. +44 (0)7831 836104. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. Replacement graduated speed stickers (mph) for ‘windy' ASI, manufactured in high quality ‘outdoor' self-adhesive plastic film. £10.00 each plus postage. Contact Brian Zeederberg, 28 Mainsail Avenue, St Hubert's Island, NSW 2257, Australia. Tel. +61 2 4344 4544. (Australia.) E-mail:

For sale . Australian-built Tiger Moth DH.82A N5446. 55 hours since total rebuild. Slick magnetos, ring mod, radio/transponder, brakes and tail wheel, electric starter, electronic tachometer/hour recorder. Standard category C of A.. Price negotiable. Based Carrollton, USA. Contact Harry Schoning, Palm Desert, California, USA. E-mail:

For sale. Gipsy Major 1C conversion kits for installation in the DH.60M Moth. Kit includes cast/machined sump, cast/machined oil filter holder, oil filter, oil pump and special gear, oil manifold, modified tappet guides, modified rockers, dip stick, filler neck. Limited number of kits available. Serious enquiries only. Contact Brian Smith, Canada. New telephone number 519 943 4595. (Canada.) E-mail:

For sale. Ex-stock, Gipsy Major engine exhaust and inlet gaskets, rocker box gaskets, cylinder base seals and head gaskets, push rod seals, oil filter gasket. Also, exhaust studs and spring washers. We have the standard short exhaust/inlet nuts and the longer nuts that protect the exposed part of the exhaust stud. All are held under the prefix GM plus the standard DH part number. All are priced at comparative and, hopefully, competitive prices. Suggest callers ask for me in the first instance. Over the counter sales or mail order. Ron Gammons, Brown and Gammons, 18 High Street, Baldock, Hertfordshire SG7 6AS, England. Tel. +44 (0)1462 490049. (GB.) E-mail:

Have you tried the on-line shop at de Havilland Support for Tiger Moth and Chipmunk spares? DHSL subscribers should register at the on-line shop so that discount rates for CAS and TRA can be programmed. Website:

If you are a member of the de Havilland Moth Club and require any airframe parts to be run through an approved NDT organisation, providing you cover shipping and insurance we will check your parts on a cost-only basis. Please quote your membership number. David Firth, Aerospace NDT Ltd., Suite E6, Heyford House, First Avenue, Doncaster-Sheffield Airport, South Yorkshire DN9 3RH, England. Tel. +44 (0)1302 770771 or +44 (0)7710 928786. Fax. +44 (0)1302 770956. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. White 100% silk aviation scarves, ideal for open cockpit flying. Cool in summer, warm in winter. Size 6ft x 18in, £15.50 including worldwide postage. Ideal gift. An absolute must for open cockpit flying. Contact Ineke Voeten, Z-ien Fashion and Design, Watermolenstraat 30, Roosendaal 4708 AN, The Netherlands. Tel/Fax. +31 165 561104. (The Netherlands.) E-mail: Website
Z-ien silk scarves are also available from the de Havilland Moth Club Stockbox.

For sale. Canadian built DHC.1 Chipmunk N18041. About 4,400 hours. Standard RCAF yellow and military markings. Radio/transponder. An excellent flying aircraft. Price negotiable. Based Driggs, Idaho. Contact Harry Schoning, Palm Desert, California, USA. E-mail:

For sale. NGK D6HA unshielded spark plugs available to Club members at a price of £2.00 each including VAT plus carriage costs of £3.50 for up to 20 plugs, GB based customers only. Overseas customers please enquire. Tel. +44 (0)1462 490049. (GB.) E-mail:

If you need a part for your airframe or engine or somebody to paint it or fit it or modify it or inspect it, and then provide pilot equipment, teach you to fly and maintain your ratings or take you for a joyride, the chances are you will find what you need in the Club's Moth Service Register (MSR) which is updated regularly every month, without fail. Website:

For sale. Slick magneto kits. The late Ed Clark of Moth Aircraft Company, California, engineered Slick kits as a way to have new magnetos for Gipsy Major engines. The kit includes two new Slick magnetos, wiring harnesses for either British or American spark plugs, all hardware for installation, installation instructions and a copy of the STC. US$4,335, price subject to change. Please add US$50 if the wiring harness is to be provided with connectors for British spark plugs. Further details from Connie Clark, Moth Aircraft Company, California, USA. E-mail:

For sale. A pair of new production fuselage tie rods for DH.60M Moth, Pt No H25487, less nuts, manufactured by Bruntons with Certificate of Conformity, but never installed. Contact deHMC Stockbox.

Spanners and sockets. A set of eight Whitworth/BSF spanners, open at one end and ring at the other, 1/8in to 9/16in, in chrome vanadium at £19.99 including VAT; seven piece set 3/8in drive Whitworth sockets 1/8in to 1/2in on a tool bar at £16.99 including VAT, and a nine piece set of sockets from 1/8in to 9/16in at £23.99. Carriage extra. The 3/8in drive 1/4in BSF socket is an attractive thin wall version, ideal for getting onto the exhaust flange nuts on a Gipsy Major engine. Contact Ron Gammons. Tel. +44 (0)1462 490049. (GB.) E-mail:

Aero Vintage Spares. Huge stocks of Air Ministry electrical parts, instruments, AGS, turnbuckles, period rubber and metal watch holders, the correct square steel tubing and all tubing products: streamline, oval, etc. Tubular rivets, Mk. II Dunlop brake distributor valve block overhauls, and much besides. Website:

For sale. Spare parts for Gipsy I engine: new manufacture head gaskets, inlet and exhaust gaskets, inlet and Stellite exhaust valves, compression rings, etc. Contact Bruce Broady. Tel. +97 150 559 5824. (UAE.) E-mail:

Wanted. Looking for a round-dial oil temperature gauge suitable for a 1938 DH.82A Tiger Moth operating in British Columbia, Canada. Please contact Chris Baldwin, Prince George, BC, Canada. E-mail:

For sale. Gipsy Major 10/1 taper-shaft crankshaft remanufactured and certified by Deltair. Ready to go. John Henderson. Tel. +44 (0)7979 966196. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale . Gipsy Major hub-puller, early type for external thread engines. New manufacture and complete with Tommy bar. £300. Mike Farrelly, England. E-mail:

Wanted. Serviceable inclinometer with mounting plate. Please contact Richard Menage. Tel. +44 (0)7802 200244. (GB.) E-mail:

Wanted for static non-profit Museum restoration: non-airworthy Tiger Moth parts. Also any items of memorabilia with a Sywell Airfield connection. Ben Brown, Sywell Aviation Museum, Northampton NN6 0BN. Tel. +44 (0)7968 061708. (GB.) E-mail:

Propellers for sale . Granby D 80in, P 52.7in. Drg 100B. DH type 78010/5/C. D 82in. P 42.3in. Both in good condition and ready to fit. No nicks or splits. Offers please to Tel. 353 87 2698287. (Ireland.)

Breaking a Gipsy Major 10-2 and have for sale: 4 x pistons and cylinders, crankshaft, passed NDT inspection, lower crankcase, top cover, rear accessory casing and most associated gearing components, thrust bearing, push rods and tubes, etc. I will accept the highest offer above a secret reserve for each item. All sold as seen. Pictures of most parts to hand. John Beattie, Somerset, GB. E-mail:

Wanted : Brushes for a Rotax 12v starter motor part no C0209. Offers please to Robbie Jewitt, Surrey, GB. Tel. +44 (0)1293 786026. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. Correct Reynolds profile NOS 7/8in x 20g square tube, 1in x 0.4in x 17g and 1 3/4in x 0.7in x 17g oval tube. Safety Improvement and Comfort 'Raised Shoulder Harness' for both seats. DH.82A Approved modification. Steel tie-down plates, fuel cock shims. DH.60X and DH.60G parts to trade for DH.60M parts. Contact Glenn Thompson, New Zealand. E-mail:

Wanted . Expressions of interest to get DH-embossed rubber outer hub caps made for standard Tiger Moth wheels. I have priced the tooling which is expensive so the whole idea might be a non-starter. Bruce Broady, New Zealand. E-mail:

For sale. Tiger Moth front windscreen, complete except for one of the small top angle caps. Will require new glass. Also, a second front windscreen main frame, clean break in two pieces, easy repair, comes with matching pair of windscreen feet. Also for sale, lots of Canadian Tiger Moth tailwheel fittings, including a brand new 6 x 225 R8K tailwheel complete with bearings and unused solid tyre. Many other Tiger Moth parts. Ian Grace, Seattle, USA.. E-mail:

Wanted . Photographs of Tiger Moths TC-KUR and TC-IDE and Turkish registered DH.90 Dragonfly. Required to illustrate a new book, Turkish Airlines Aircraft Fleet Development from 1933-1986. Please respond to Firuz Altingoz in Turkey. E-mail:

Wanted. Tiger Moth front fuselage lower cross tube (at firewall) Pt No H24063A. Offers please to Lyn Forster, Frankston South, Victoria, Australia. Tel. 0417 937 258. (Australia.) E-mail:

For sale. Parts for Tiger Moth airframe and Gipsy Major engine, too many to list. Michael Maniatis. Tel. 212 620 0398. (USA.) E-mail:

Wanted. Brass hinges for Tiger Moth cockpit doors. Lyn Forster. Frankston South, Victoria, Australia. E-mail: brooklands.423@bigpond .com

Wanted. Mainwheel hub for DH.82A Tiger Moth. Ian Perry, Perryair, Shoreham Airport, West Sussex. E-mail:

Wanted . Any original DH.82 Queen Bee parts, including auto-flight system components. What have you. Ian Grace, Seattle, USA. E-mail:

Wanted . Front spar, top starboard wing, for a DH.60GIII Moth Major. Please contact Jose Villar, Spain. E-mail:

Wanted. Tiger Moth fuselage cross-tube at joint C, Pt No H24093A. Please contact Ian Grace, Seattle, USA. E-mail:

For sale. The following books have been donated to the Club for sale with all proceeds scheduled for The de Havilland Educational Trust. Offers invited. Postage to be added:

The AA Book of British Towns. (HB). 2nd edition. 1982.
Spreading my Wings. ( HB.) Diana Barnato Walker.
Classic Light Aircraft. (HB). Ron Smith.
Allein-flug. (HB). German edition . Elly Beinhorn.
Biplanes, Triplanes and Seaplanes. (HB). Michael Sharpe.
Tales of the Fifties. (PB). Ed. Peter Campbell.
More Tales of the Fifties. (PB). Ed. Peter Campbell.
Shadows of the Fifties. (PB.) Ed. Peter Campbell.
Tail ends of the Fifties. (PB.) Ed. Peter Campbell.
Biplanes. (HB). Michael F. Jerram.
The Flying Carpet . (PB). Richard Halliburton.
Veteran and Vintage Aircraft. (HB.) Leslie Hunt.
de Havilland: A pictorial tribute. (HB) Gordon Bain.
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aircraft . A part-work published by Orbis.
Vols 1-13 in ring binders.

The following Tiger Moth airframe parts have been placed with the Club for sale:

Aerofoils. Top centre section.

H35590. (1 new) Special bolt. Port. Rear spar.

Aerofoils. Top mainplane.

H33842. (2 new) U plate. Port. Joint E.
H34671. (3 new) Bracket. Stbd. Slat mounting.
H34742. (1 new) Plate. Port rear landing wire.
H34759. (1 new) U plate. Port. Joint E.
H34760. (2 new) U plate. Stbd. Joint E.
H35182. (1 new) Wiring plate. Port. Joint F. Rear spar.
H35183. (1 new) Wiring plate. Stbd. Joint F. Rear spar.
H35186. (1 new) Wiring plate. Port. Joint E. Front spar.
H35187. (2 new) Wiring plate. Stbd. Joint E. Front spar.

Aerofoils. Bottom mainplane.

H27264. (1 new) U plate. Port. Joint K. Rear
H35180. (1 new) Wiring plate. Port. Joint K. Rear spar.
H35184. (1 new) Wiring plate. Port. Joint J. Front spar.
H35185. (1 new) Wiring plate. Stbd. Joint J. Front spar.

Aerofoils. Elevator.

H29152. (2 new) Lever. Bottom.
H29153. (4 new) Lever. Top.

Alighting gear. Undercarriage.

63064. (1 new) Top for cylinder. Steel. Mod 117.

Controls. Machine controls.

H11319LH. (1 new) Mtg for elevator rockshaft.
H24224. (2 used) Link for rudder bar.


H18852. (1 new) Pivot pin.
H34640. (1 new) Port. Bracket joint H.

Miscellaneous instruments

1. ASI. Smiths 75298. 0-160mph and 160-240mph. 3.25in face. Overhauled May 1982.
2. ASI. Smiths 83269. Exact match for No 1 above. Interior condition unknown.
3. ASI. 6A/1615. 1944. 20-140mph and 140-240mph. 3.5in face. Interior condition unknown.
4. Turn and Slip Mk 1A. 29090B. Interior condition unknown.
5. Tachometer Mk IXB 6A/687.

Smiths 4612/40. 600-2600rpm. Interior condition unknown.

6. Variometer Mk IB No 32436/43.

Round face 3.5in diameter. Interior condition unknown.

7. Cabin pressure gauge.

Round face 1.8in diameter. 0-5psi. Smiths. Code 409PG. Serial 3308/14.

Available . DVDs covering the Woburn Abbey International Moth Rally 2014 (three discs), Woburn Abbey 2015 (6 discs) and the Gathering of Moths at Old Warden in 2016 (2 discs). Please contact me for further details. David Rossy, Cheshire, England. E-mail:

Wanted . Tachometer head (or overhaul facility) and drive cable complete suitable for DH.83 Fox Moth. Details to Blake Reid, Canada. E-mail:

For sale. de Havilland handbook dated 1948 for Gipsy Major Series II with an appendix to cover the Gipsy Major I. Also, Tiger Moth Maintenance and Repair manual. Both volumes are in excellent condition. Details from Lloyd Ressler, England. Tel. +44 (0)1753 882480. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. Half share in DH.82A Tiger Moth based at Goodwood, Sussex. Applicant must have good Tiger Moth credentials. Anthony Douglas-Hamilton. Tel. +44 (0)1243 389059 or +44 (0)7912 691841, (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. New manufacture set of streamline rigging wires for Tiger Moth, complete with end fittings. Delivery expected late February 2019. Details from the Stockbox. E-mail:

For sale and wanted . Spares for Tiger Moth and other types, aircraft instruments, etc. Wide selection of parts in stock. British based. Website:

Wanted. Bracket for P type compass, front cockpit of a Tiger Moth. Also wanted, fittings for the installation of a blind flying hood and a red (port) lens for a wingtip navigation light. Mike Hirsch, USA. E-mail:

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