The Moth no. 182

Wanted. Carburettor with mixture controls fitted appropriate for Gipsy Major engine installed in a Tiger Moth. Tom Dodson, Oklahoma, USA. E-mail:

Wanted. Good condition Chipmunk. Ian Smith, Ashbourne, Derbyshire. E-mail:

Wanted. Tiger Moth control box bracket H11328 LH. Offers please to Lyn Forster, Victoria, Australia. E-mail:

Wanted. Tiger Moth parts: H36582A LH and H36583A RH, chassis attachment brackets joint C; H24180A/1 LH and H24180A/2 RH, sling gear brackets; H14057 LH and RH, lug for tailplane struts. Offers please to Bruno Vonlanthen, Switzerland. E-mail:

Wanted . Share in a DH.82A Tiger Moth to enable pass of NPPL (SSEA) followed by continued financial and manual support. Based near Staffordshire. Please contact Geoff. Tel. +44 (0)7554 030749. (GB.)

Wanted . A replacement wire loom for my original leather flying helmet and a medium size oxygen mask with microphone. Offers please to Peter Johnson, Suffolk, GB. E-mail:

Wanted. Serviceable DH.82A Tiger Moth for immediate Group operation in the south of England. Details please to Wally Epton. Tel. +44 (0)1344 560444 or +44 (0)7767 880349. (GB.) E-mail:

For exchange. I have a spare Tiger Moth front windscreen which I would like to swap for a Tiger Moth rear screen. Can anybody help? Please contact Ian Grace, Seattle, Washington, USA. E-mail:

For sale. Tiger Moth Maintenance and Repair Manual and DH Gipsy Major IC Parts List, both originals. Best offer. Contact Lionel Taylor, Melbourne, Australia. E-mail:

For sale. Gipsy Major 1C conversion kits for the DH.60M Moth. Kit includes cast/machined sump, cast/machined oil filter holder, oil filter, oil pump and special gear, oil manifold, modified tappet guides, modified rockers, dip stick, filler neck. Limited number of kits available. Serious enquiries only. Contact Brian Smith, Canada. New telephone number 519 943 4595. (Canada.) E-mail:

For sale. Tiger Moth and Gipsy Major engine parts. Many used and new parts including new standard 130hp pistons and rings, US$300.00, new aileron and elevator hinge bushings at US $5.00 each. Many other new bushings. Too many parts to list both airframe and engine. Call or email for details. Michael Maniatis. Tel. 212 620 0398. (USA.) E-mail:

For sale. Canadian prototype DH.82C Tiger Moth. Radio/transponder, Slick magnetos, generator, wheel brakes, canopy, heater and 15 hours on the airframe since total rebuild. Gipsy Major 1C engine has about 300 hours. Open to offers. Harry Schoning, California, USA E-mail:

For sale. Ex-stock, Gipsy Major engine exhaust and inlet gaskets, rocker box gaskets, cylinder base seals and head gaskets, push rod seals, oil filter gasket. Also, exhaust studs and spring washers. We have the standard short exhaust/inlet nuts but will shortly be able to provide the longer nuts that protect the exposed part of the exhaust stud. All are held under the prefix GM plus the standard DH part number. All are priced at comparative and, hopefully, competitive prices. Suggest callers ask for me in the first instance. Over the counter sales or mail order. Ron Gammons, Brown and Gammons, 18 High Street, Baldock, Hertfordshire SG7 6AS, England. Tel. +44 (0)1462 490049. (GB.) E-mail:

Have you tried the on-line shop at de Havilland Support for Tiger Moth and Chipmunk spares? DHSL subscribers should register at the on-line shop so that discount rates for CAS and TRA can be programmed. Website:

If you are a member of the de Havilland Moth Club and require any airframe parts to be run through an approved NDT organisation, providing you cover shipping and insurance we will check your parts on a cost-only basis. Please quote your membership number. David Firth, Aerospace NDT Ltd., Suite E6, Heyford House, First Avenue, Doncaster-Sheffield Airport, South Yorkshire DN9 3RH, England. Tel. +44 (0)1302 770771 or +44 (0)7710 928786. Fax. +44 (0)1302 770956. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. White 100% silk aviation scarves, ideal for open cockpit flying. Cool in summer, warm in winter. Size 6ft x 18in, £15.50 including worldwide postage. Ideal gift. An absolute must for open cockpit flying. Contact Ineke Voeten, Z-ien Fashion and Design, Watermolenstraat 30, Roosendaal 4708 AN, The Netherlands. Tel/Fax. +31 165 561104. (The Netherlands.) E-mail: Website: Z-ien silk scarves are also available from the de Havilland Moth Club Stockbox.

For sale. NGK D6HA unshielded spark plugs available to Club members at a price of £2.00 each including VAT plus carriage costs of £3.50 for up to 20 plugs, GB based customers only. Overseas customers please enquire. Tel. +44 (0)1462 490049. (GB.) E-mail:

If you need a part for your airframe or engine or somebody to paint it or fit it or modify it or inspect it, and then provide pilot equipment, teach you to fly and maintain your ratings or take you for a joyride, the chances are you will find what you need in the Club's Moth Service Register (MSR) which is updated regularly every month, without fail. Website:

For sale. Slick magneto kits. The late Ed Clark of Moth Aircraft Company, California, engineered Slick kits as a way to have new magnetos for Gipsy Major engines. The kit includes two new Slick magnetos, wiring harnesses for either British or American spark plugs, all hardware for installation, installation instructions and a copy of the STC. US$4,335, price subject to change. Please add US$50 if the wiring harness is to be provided with connectors for British spark plugs. Further details from Connie Clark, Moth Aircraft Company, California, USA. E-mail:

For sale. Completely refurbished DH.82A Tiger Moth based in Lincolnshire. Serious enquiries only please. POA. For further details contact David Porter. Tel. +44 (0)7795 460995. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. New manufacture Gosport tube mouthpieces, made to original drawings from high-tech materials to prevent long-term deterioration. Contact Bruce Broady. E-mail:

Wanted. Top cover for Gipsy Major 10/2 fitted to a Chipmunk. Offers please to Tom Dodson, Oklahoma, USA. E-mail:

For sale. A pair of new production fuselage tie rods for DH.60M Moth, Pt No H25487, less nuts, manufactured by Bruntons with Certificate of Conformity, but never installed. Contact deHMC Stockbox.

For sale . Gipsy Major 1C, exact scale model 1:7. Only six such engines are in the world, all situated in The Netherlands. Electric driven, inclusive with instrument panel and propeller. For more information please contact Aad Schenk, The Netherlands. E-mail:

Spanners and sockets. A set of eight Whitworth/BSF spanners, open at one end and ring at the other, 1/8in to 9/16in, in chrome vanadium at £19.99 including VAT; seven piece set 3/8in drive Whitworth sockets 1/8in to 1/2in on a tool bar at £16.99 including VAT, and a nine piece set of sockets from 1/8in to 9/16in at £23.99. Carriage extra. The 3/8in drive 1/4in BSF socket is an attractive thin wall version, ideal for getting onto the exhaust flange nuts on a Gipsy Major engine. Contact Ron Gammons. Tel. +44 (0)1462 490049. (GB.) E-mail:

Aero Vintage Spares. Huge stocks of Air Ministry electrical parts, instruments, AGS, turnbuckles, period rubber and metal watch holders, the correct square steel tubing and all tubing products: streamline, oval, etc. Tubular rivets, Mk. II Dunlop brake distributor valve block overhauls, and much besides. Website:

For sale. Gipsy Major engine with CAA paperwork. Details from David Hodgkinson. Tel. +44 (0)1732 822686 (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. DH.82A Tiger Moth, stored for five years, needs some work to top wings. Starter, stainless steel wires, new tie rods, low hours on engine, Garmin radios, brakes, camouflage paint scheme. Good history. Michael Souch, Aero Antiques, Durley Airstrip, Hill Farm, Durley, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 2BP. Tel. +44 (0)1489 789829 or +44 (0)7792 772730. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. Chipmunk share. Twenty five percent share in Chipmunk G-BWMX based on a private farm strip just north of Cambridge. All ADs complied with. Offers around £6,000. Further details from David Kirkham. Tel. +44 (0)7787 427589. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. Four off DH.60M cabane strut fittings, H24023 and H24522, manufactured by Classic Aero Machining Service with material certificate. NZ$600. Please contact Michael Lagunowitsch, Blenheim, New Zealand. Tel. +64 27 563 8591. (NZ.) E-mail:

Wanted. An original, Air Ministry marked, strut mounted rear view mirror for a Tiger Moth. Offers please to Malcolm Goosey, Staffordshire, England. Tel. +44 (0)1785 850285. (GB.) E-mail:

Wanted. DH.83 or DH.83C Fox Moth, any condition considered. Offers please to Zac Rockey, Sky4 Aviation, Devon, England. Tel. +44 (0)7855 021733. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. Gipsy Major I engine, complete with all ancillaries, good working order, recently removed from Auster J1N. 1,862 hours TT. £7,000. Hoffmann propeller HO21 198B 140 LK, suitable for Tiger Moth, Auster, Stampe, Chipmunk. Two hours since new, manufactured Sept 2015. £1,950. Contact Will Tomkins, Peterborough, GB. Tel. +44 (0)7899 952997. (GB.) E-mail:

Wanted. Tiger Moth compatible ASI marked in mph. Willing to swap instrument marked in knots. Please contact Clive Denney, Audley End Airfield. E-mail:

For sale. Spare parts for Gipsy I engine: new manufacture head gaskets, inlet and exhaust gaskets, inlet and Stellite exhaust valves, compression rings, etc. Contact Bruce Broady. Tel. +97 150 559 5824. (UAE.) E-mail:

For disposal FOC , b uyer collects or arranges own transport: a pair of hand-made, stainless steel fuselage ferry tanks for DH.89A Dragon Rapide. 50 gallons capacity each. Equipment lockers attached to the tops. CAA Approved Modification CC01. Drawings and clearance documents to hand. Further details from David Cyster, Scotland. E-mail:

For sale. Fairey-Reed propeller for Gipsy Major 10/2. P. 5.01, D. 6.75. serial FR32415. No EASA papers but works fine. 1,000 euros plus packing and delivery. Carlfred Dennefleh, Laudstrasse 60, 69502 Hemsbach, Germany. Tel. +49 06201 72322. Fax +49 06201 470206. (Germany.)

For sale . Unused pair of tyres and inner tubes for standard Hornet Moth wheels, purchased from the Club in anticipation of Hornet Moth ownership which never materialised. Now available, collect from Popham Airfield by arrangement. Ted Gardner. E-mail:

Wanted. Port and starboard Tiger Moth wingtip navigation lights and mounting frames and brackets. Offers please to Clive Denney, Audley End Airfield. E-mail:

For sale. A complete DH.82A Tiger Moth dismantled into kit form, perfect for restoration to the highest standard. Kit includes all instruments and 720 channel radio. A Gipsy Major engine is available if required. All logbooks and full history. Offers. Available to view by appointment at Langham Airfield, Norfolk. Tel +44 (0)1328 830003 (GB) most working hours.

For sale. High quality fibreglass nose bowls for DH.82A Tiger Moth (US$250.00) and chin cowlings (US$150.00). Also a considerable stock of Tiger Moth spares including many parts for flying surfaces, landing gear, fuselage and controls. Also available some surplus parts from a DH.60M Moth project. Contact Ian Grace, Seattle, Washington, USA. E-mail:

For sale. DH.60 Moth centre section front and rear spar assemblies, part numbers H18979A and H18978A. The front spar assembly can be supplied either for the DH.60G or DH.60M. Contact Bruce Broady. Tel. +97 150 559 5824 (UAE.) E-mail:

Wanted . Port and starboard lower wings for a Tiger Moth. Anything considered. Offers please to Martin Haines, Somerset. Tel. +44 (0)7778 431399. (GB.) E-mail:

Wanted. Looking for a round-dial oil temperature gauge suitable for a 1938 DH.82A Tiger Moth operating in British Columbia, Canada. Please contact Chris Baldwin, Prince George, BC, Canada. E-mail:

For a donation to the Lincs Air Ambulance you may wish to have my copies of the Manual of Instruction for the Gipsy Minor and Gipsy Major 1, 1C, 1D, 1F, 1G, HC and 7. Bill Fisher, Peterborough, GB. E-mail:

For sale . Gipsy Major engine parts located in Brazil. Use password ‘Gipsy Major' for Dropbox link: Details from Club member Jose Fonseca. E-mail:

Tiger Moth parts repaired , overhauled and recovered. Wings and other control surfaces, exchange service if required. All associated release paperwork, LAA/CAA provided. David Hodgkinson. Tel. +44 (0)1732 822686. (GB.)

Wanted. Front and rear windscreens for a Tiger Moth. Offers please to Conrad Heim, Queensland, Australia. E-mail:

Wanted. Mainwheel tyres size 4.00-14 or 4.00-15 respectively. Preferably without tread or thin ribbed only. Please contact Wolf Letsch, Germany, E-mail:

For sale. Gipsy Major 10/1 taper-shaft crankshaft remanufactured and certified by Deltair. Ready to go. John Henderson. Tel. +44 (0)7979 966196. (GB.) E-mail:

Wanted. A 90 deg angle tacho drive gear, Air Ministry reference 6A/999 Mk III. The drive connects the tacho cable (brass type with square connector) to the engine tacho reduction. This is for use on a 1944 ex-RAF Auster with Lycoming engine and Smiths 0-5,000 rpm rev counter. Matthias Lemmerer, Austria. E-mail:

For sale . Gipsy Major hub-puller, early type for external thread engines. New manufacture and complete with Tommy bar. £300. Mike Farrelly. E-mail:

Wanted. Tiger Moth fuel tank. Standard 19 gallon. Serviceable or with potential for repair. Also wanted, skid tube fixed tailwheel conversion kit for Tiger Moth. Please contact Nigel Lemon. Tel +44 (0)7725 241204. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale . Price US$135,000: ZU-SSR, de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth, Serial number 832 (Australian). Completely rebuilt; current airframe hours 1518.4, current Hobbs since engine rebuild/overhaul: 38.4 hr. Hobbs (vibration type) mounted on engine frame. Transceiver, transponder type S, turbine generator, auxiliary fuel tank. Custom chrome exhaust pipe, main wheel brakes, tail wheel, custom magnetos. Andrey Lakhtin. Soviet Air Charter (Pty) Ltd., Cape Town, South Africa. E-mail:

Wanted. Serviceable inclinometer with mounting plate. Please contact Richard Menage. Tel. +44 (0)7802 200244. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale . New manufacture leather flying helmets: medium size in shocking pink and large size in bright red. These were made to special order which was not taken up. To clear I would take £65.00 each or £110.00 the pair, plus postage. Please contact Jeff Watts, Timeless Leather Helmets, England. E-mail:

Wanted . A pair of discarded DR6620 tyres, ex Leopard Moth or Hornet Moth, which can be fitted to our Proctor for towing or static exhibition only. Please reply to Andrew Panton, Lincs Aviation Heritage Centre. E-mail:

For sale . Overhauled compasses P8/P11. Please contact Ted Lay, Didcot, England. Tel. +44 (0)1235 835255. (GB.)


The Club has been asked to dispose of the following Tiger Moth airframe parts and instruments and is open to offers. E-mail:

Aerofoils. Top centre section.

H35590. (1 new) Special bolt. Port. Rear spar.

Aerofoils. Top mainplane.

H33842. (2 new) U plate. Port. Joint E.

H34671. (3 new) Bracket. Stbd. Slat mounting.

H34742. (1 new) Plate. Port rear landing wire.

H34759. (1 new) U plate. Port. Joint E.

H34760. (2 new) U plate. Stbd. Joint E.

H35182. (1 new) Wiring plate. Port. Joint F. Rear spar.

H35183. (1 new) Wiring plate. Stbd. Joint F. Rear spar.

H35186. (1 new) Wiring plate. Port. Joint E. Front spar.

H35187. (2 new) Wiring plate. Stbd. Joint E. Front spar.

Aerofoils. Bottom mainplane.

H27264. (1 new) U plate. Port. Joint K. Rear

H35180. (1 new) Wiring plate. Port. Joint K. Rear spar.

H35184. (1 new) Wiring plate. Port. Joint J. Front spar.

H35185. (1 new) Wiring plate. Stbd. Joint J. Front spar.

Aerofoils. Elevator.

H29152. (2 new) Lever. Bottom.

H29153. (4 new) Lever. Top.

Alighting gear. Undercarriage.

63064. (1 new) Top for cylinder. Steel. Mod 117.

Controls. Machine controls.

H11319LH. (1 new) Mtg for elevator rockshaft.

H24224. (2 used) Link for rudder bar.


H18852. (1 new) Pivot pin.

H34640. (1 new) Port. Bracket joint H.

Miscellaneous instruments

1. ASI. Smiths 75298. 0-160mph and 160-240mph. 3.25in face. Overhauled May 1982.

2. ASI. Smiths 83269. Exact match for No 1 above. Interior condition unknown.

3. ASI. 6A/1615. 1944. 20-140mph and 140-240mph. 3.5in face. Interior condition unknown.

4. Turn and Slip Mk 1A. 29090B. Interior condition unknown.

5. Tachometer Mk IXB 6A/687. Smiths 4612/40. 600-2600rpm. Interior condition unknown.

6. Variometer Mk IB No 32436/43. Round face 3.5in diameter. Interior condition unknown.

7. Cabin pressure gauge. Round face 1.8in diameter. 0-5psi. Smiths. Code 409PG. Serial 3308/14.

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