The Moth no. 179

For sale. Fairey-Reed metal propeller. Drawing No 61326A, s/n 3628. Very good condition. No paperwork. Bob Olsen. Tel. +44 (0)7902 027280. (GB.) Email:

Wanted, for Claudel Hobson AI48H carburettor on Gipsy Six-2. 750 main jet, unusual size but that is what the manual says and the rear carburettor is running rich on the 760 jet fitted. Also wanted: a 740 jet, as fitted to the front carburettor to test or re-calibrate to a 750. Please contact David Beale, GB. Email:

For sale. Canadian prototype DH.82C Tiger Moth. Radio/transponder, Slick magnetos, generator, wheel brakes, canopy, heater and 15 hours on the airframe since total rebuild. Gipsy Major 1C engine has about 300 hours. Open to offers. Harry Schoning, California, USA Email:

For sale. DH.82A Tiger Moth. Requires fuselage tie rod AD compliance. Cotton fabric. Flyable on ferry permit. Annual completed June 2017 with AD compliance noted as needed. AFTT 980, engine 770 SMOH, 168 STOH. Some spares included. Also available separately, a small consignment of spares for DH.82A Tiger Moth. Contact Fred Austin, 625 Tranquil Drive, Sparks, Nevada 89441, USA. Tel. 360 477 3100. (USA.) Email:

Wanted . Crankcase for Gipsy Major 1 engine. Also wanted, inlet manifold for a Gipsy Major 1 or repair drawings to fix mine which has gone rotten inside the heater box. Julian Hill, Wood House Farm, Great Ayton, Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire TS9 6JN, GB. Tel. +44 (0)1642 722266 or +44 (0)7931527113. (GB.)

For disposal. Free of charge, a collection of 62 issues in total of "The Moth" Magazine, from issue number 81 (autumn 1992) to issue number 168 (December 2014). View /collect from Skipton, North Yorkshire, or can arrange courier. Please ring to discuss. David Ellwood, Cock Hill, Stirton, Skipton, BD23 3LH, GB. Tel. +44 (0)793 1505317. (GB.) Email:

Wanted. A ‘windy' airspeed indicator, spring-loaded vane type, incorporating a pointer on an MPH-graduated arc, which is normally mounted on the port front interplane strut of a Tiger Moth. Offers please to Chris Zeal, GB. Tel. +44 (0)7921 381876. GB.) Email: (GB)

Wanted. Tiger Moth rated flying instructors with qualifications to assist at the Vintage Flight Academy relocating to Membury Airfield, Berkshire with immediate effect. Please contact Clair Hurst. Email: claire@vintage

For sale. Ex-stock, Gipsy Major engine exhaust and inlet gaskets, rocker box gaskets, cylinder base seals and head gaskets, push rod seals, oil filter gasket. Also, exhaust studs and spring washers. We have the standard short exhaust/inlet nuts but will shortly be able to provide the longer nuts that protect the exposed part of the exhaust stud. All are held under the prefix GM plus the standard DH part number. All are priced at comparative and, hopefully, competitive prices. Suggest callers ask for me in the first instance. Over the counter sales or mail order. Ron Gammons, Brown and Gammons, 18 High Street, Baldock, Hertfordshire SG7 6AS, England. Tel. +44 (0)1462 490049. (GB.) Email:

For sale. Immaculate DH.82A Tiger Moth. No expense spared. Only 950hrs TTAF since 1943. Gipsy Major 1C engine, shielded ignition, 350hrs since zero timed. Permit to September 2017. Long range fuel tank, long stainless steel exhaust. Becker radio 8.33 compliant. New fuselage tie rods. Some spares. £80,000. Contact Ken Peters . Tel. +44 (0)118 969 6762 or +44 (0)7788 583935. (GB.) Email:

Wanted. Rear view mirror for upper wing of SV4 Stampe. Charlie Huke, Hill House, Chicksgrove, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP3 6NA, England. Tel. +44 (0)7753 287476. Email:

For sale. A set of six drawings of DH.82A Tiger Moth at 1/3 scale with the finest detail showing all measurements, plan and elevation of wings, fuselage and tail, plus cowling, undercarriage, struts, wires, ribs, curve co-ordinates, floor and tail skid details. Over four years in research and drawing by the late Bill Welsh of Victor Harbour, South Australia. Ideal for use in modelling or display. Available as high quality plain paper copies. 1. Engine and cowlings, 1590mm x 840mm. 2. Tailplane and rudder, 1980mm x 840mm. 3. Port upper wing, 2090mm x 840mm. 4. Fuselage frames and floor, 2210mm x 840mm. 5. Compound side elevation, 2590mm x 840mm. 6. Port lower wing, 2090mm x 840mm. For further details please contact Mike Welsh, 21 Fernleigh Drive, Mooroolbark, Victoria 3138, Australia. Tel.+61 4 1834 8118. (Australia.) Email:

For sale. Fairey Reed propeller DRW A104942/X2/2 Gipsy Major 1, D. 7.25, bore 67mm, P. 3.58. No paperwork or known history. Propeller appears to be standard, original, no dings, no corrosion. £1,250 plus VAT if applicable. Skysport Engineering Ltd., Rotary Farm, Thorncote Green, Sandy, Bedfordshire SG19 1PU, GB. Tel.+44 (0)1767 627375 or +44 (0)7866 031149. (GB.) Email:

Wanted. Tiger Moth tail trolley and a pair of Tiger Moth wheel chocks. Offers please to Claire Hurst, Vintage Flight Academy, Membury Airfield, Lambourne, Berkshire. Email: claire@vintageflight

For sale. DH.89A Dragon Rapide based at Tocumwal Airfield north of Melbourne, Australia. The aircraft was rebuilt over a 30 year period and has 15 hours run off zero timed engines. Long range fuel tanks and ferry tanks will enable airborne delivery to almost anywhere. Further details from owner Maurice Rolfe via Alan Parise. Email:

For sale. Gipsy I engine. If any member is in need of a new sump for a Gipsy II engine I am considering a small batch production. Please contact Bruce Broady. Email:

Wanted. Canopy structure or panelling for a DH.82C Tiger Moth. Please contact Tony Palmer, West Sussex, GB. Email:

For disposal. A new bronze head for a Gipsy Major I engine, complete with valves, springs etc, in potentially airworthy condition. Also a cylinder and rocker box, both subject to corrosion. The head is believed to have been part of a spares consignment for the Tiger Moth station hack operated from RAF Connel Ferry on behalf of the flying boat base at RAF Oban. Further details from Neil Owen, Oban, Scotland. Tel. +44 (0)1631 567170. (GB.) Email:

For sale. Irvin flying jackets manufactured by Aviation Leathercraft, unused, one ‘large' and one ‘medium'. Originally cost £750 each, selling at £600 each. Contact Ninian Richardson, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Email:

Spanners and sockets. A set of eight Whitworth/BSF spanners, open at one end and ring at the other, 1/8in to 9/16in, in chrome vanadium at £19.99 including VAT; seven piece set 3/8in drive Whitworth sockets 1/8in to 1/2in on a tool bar at £16.99 including VAT, and a nine piece set of sockets from 1/8in to 9/16in at £23.99. Carriage extra. The 3/8in drive 1/4in BSF socket is an attractive thin wall version, ideal for getting onto the exhaust flange nuts on a Gipsy Major engine. Contact Ron Gammons. Tel. +44 (0)1462 490049. (GB.) Email:

Have you tried the on-line shop at de Havilland Support for Tiger Moth and Chipmunk spares? DHSL subscribers should register at the on-line shop so that discount rates for CAS and TRA can be programmed. Website:

For sale. DH.60G Moth rudder hinge bolts Pt No H20338/1. Original manufacture. £10.00 each plus postage. From the deHMC Stockbox.

If you are a member of the de Havilland Moth Club and require any airframe parts to be run through an approved NDT organisation, providing you cover shipping and insurance we will check your parts on a cost-only basis. Please quote your membership number. David Firth, Aerospace NDT Ltd., Suite E6, Heyford House, First Avenue, Doncaster-Sheffield Airport, South Yorkshire DN9 3RH, England. Tel. +44 (0)1302 770771 or +44 (0)7710 928786. Fax. +44 (0)1302 770956. (GB.) Email:

For sale. White 100% silk aviation scarves, ideal for open cockpit flying. Cool in summer, warm in winter. Size 6ft x 18in, £15.50 including worldwide postage. Ideal gift. An absolute must for open cockpit flying. Contact Ineke Voeten, Z-ien Fashion and Design, Watermolenstraat 30, Roosendaal 4708 AN, The Netherlands. Tel/Fax. +31 165 561104. (The Netherlands.) Email: Website: Z-ien silk scarves are also available from the de Havilland Moth Club Stockbox.

Do your ‘Biennial Instructional Flight' with Moth Club member and Tiger Moth owner Peter Benest. No fee, modest donation to a cancer charity if appropriate. Located west of London or meet at a Club event. Tel. +44 (0)1635 253627or +44 (0)7876 318859. (GB.) Email:

For sale. NGK D6HA unshielded spark plugs available to Club members at a price of £2.00 each including VAT plus carriage costs of £3.50 for up to 20 plugs, GB based customers only. Overseas customers please enquire. Tel. +44 (0)1462 490049. (GB.) Email:

Wing spars. Tiger Moth and Gipsy Moth replacement wing spars complete and ready to install. Wing internal wire assemblies. Control surface hinges. Many other components. See the Moth Service Register Sections 44, 49, 68 and 89. Form One approval for repairs conducted within our facility . N eil Davidson, Davidson Aeroworks, Canada. Tel. +1 250 427 7178. (Canada.) Email:

If you need a part for your airframe or engine or somebody to paint it or fit it or modify it or inspect it, and then provide pilot equipment, teach you to fly and maintain your ratings or take you for a joyride, the chances are you will find what you need in the Club's Moth Service Register (MSR) which is updated regularly every month, without fail. Website:

For sale. Slick magneto kits. The late Ed Clark of Moth Aircraft Company, California, engineered Slick kits as a way to have new magnetos for Gipsy Major engines. The kit includes two new Slick magnetos, wiring harnesses for either British or American spark plugs, all hardware for installation, installation instructions and a copy of the STC. US$4,335, price subject to change. Please add US$50 if the wiring harness is to be provided with connectors for British spark plugs. Further details from Connie Clark, Moth Aircraft Company, California, USA. Email:

1943 Tiger Moth for sale . Permit to Fly, training yellow, recently overhauled Invincible propeller and undercarriage. New tie rods. Mid life engine, heavy duty exhaust, recent fuel tank, 720 channel radio, Lynx intercom, some spares. A reliable, nice flying Tiger Moth, light to the touch. Sensible offers invited. Mark Blois-Brooke, Berkshire, GB. Tel. +44 (0)7500 794402. (GB.) Email:

For sale. New production Puss Moth star decals for application to undercarriage legs. These have been made as exact replicas of originals found on an unrestored aircraft. They are self-adhesive and silk screen printed on aluminium foil. £20 each. Contact Tim Williams, Berkshire, GB. Email:

For sale. Tiger Moth sewn Irish linen rudder bags Pt No 52773ND in sealed boxes, 1952 de Havilland spares manufacture. £25 each plus postage and VAT if applicable. Available from the deHMC Stockbox.

For sale. Completely refurbished DH.82A Tiger Moth, G-ARAZ, based in Lincolnshire. Absolute bargain at £69,500. For further details contact David Porter. Tel. +44 (0)7970 033618. (GB.) Email:

For sale. New manufacture Gosport tube mouthpieces, made to original drawings from high-tech materials to prevent long-term deterioration. Contact Bruce Broady. Email:

For sale. Australian-built DH.82A Tiger Moth A17-63. Exceptional older restoration. Low airframe hours and very low engine hours SMOH. All ADs covered, always hangared, no commercial use. Very original except for Slick magneto conversion and radio. Contact Mike. Tel.+61 4 1755 2446. (Australia.) Email:

Available for sale. Tiger Moth DH82A parts in various condition: fuselage and wing fittings, hardware, upper firewall, landing gear parts, wheels, tailskids, seats, slats. Please enquire. Gipsy Major parts in various condition: crankcase, cylinders, pistons, heads, filters, rocker covers, magnetos, etc. Please enquire with your specific needs. Also available engine mounts for Auster (Gipsy powered). Contact Alex. Tel. +32 479 99 80 36. (Belgium.) Email:

Air Log . These instruments were standard fitment in factory-new DH.85 Leopard Moths. I have a copy of the original patent, but the instrument fitted in my aeroplane differs somewhat. Does anyone have an original instruction manual I can copy, please? Peter Vacher, Oxfordshire, England. Email:

For sale. DH.82A Tiger Moth VH-MJW. Located at Mudgee, NSW, Australia. Luskintyre quality rebuild with approx 150 hours TSO on the engine. All ADs up to date including wing spar inspections and new tie rods. Tailwheel, radio and intercom. Asking Aust$ 120,000. Contact John and Margaret Clarke. Tel +61 2 6545 2251 or +61 4 2868 1912. (Australia.) Email:

Wanted. A sufficient number of detail drawings from which to manufacture from solid, a high quality exhibition standard model of a DH.82A Tiger Moth and a DH.89A Dragon Rapide to about 1/5 scale. Engine details are also required. Please contact Sean Yellowhorse, 2404 248th Street, Lomita, California 90717, USA. Tel. 424 305 7160. (USA.) Email:

For sale. The Moth magazine issues 21 to 39 (missing No 24) and 51-66 (missing No 55). Available from Bufferstop Books, friends of Bure Valley Railway, Aylsham, Norfolk. £30 plus postage or come and collect. Anne Martin and Jane Withey. Email:

For sale. A pair of unused fuselage tie rods for DH.60M Moth, H25487, less nuts, manufactured by Bruntons in 2012, with paperwork (Certificate of Conformity), but never installed. Rods are located in southern England. Contact Jose Villar. Email:

Wanted. A set of non-airworthy rigging wires for a static exhibition Tiger Moth. Old carbon wires replaced with new stainless wires would be perfectly acceptable. Please reply to Eric Pinon. Email:

Wanted. Tachometer drive for Gipsy II engine. Can be damaged but needs a good engine driven gear. I have good case and cable drive gear. Michael Maniatis. New York . Tel. 212 620 0398. ( USA .) Email:

For sale. 1928 Stag Lane -built DH.60M Gipsy Moth, serial No 727. Previously restored by Watt Martin in Canada ; recent refurbishment by current owner. Only 166 hours SMOH on Gipsy II engine. Beautiful original instruments. Very good condition overall and currently licensed and flying in New York . Canadian brake system with tail wheel. Painted in Randolf dope system. Ten gallon auxiliary fuel tank in front cockpit with rare Rotol hand pump for transfer to main tank. Used by Canadian Forestry service in 1930s. Great documented history. Featured in the movie "Amelia" with Hillary Swank sitting in the cockpit pretending to be taxiing for the start of a race. An incredible piece of aviation history. US$128,000. Contact Michael Maniatis. Tel. 212 620 0398. ( USA .) Email:

For sale. Tiger Moth and Gipsy Major engine parts. Many used and new parts including new standard 130hp pistons and rings, US$300.00, new aileron and elevator hinge bushings at US $5.00 each. Many other new bushings. Too many parts to list both airframe and engine. Call or email for details. Michael Maniatis. Tel. 212 620 0398. ( USA .) Email:

For sale. Correct Reynolds profile OEM stock 7/8in x 20g square tube, 1in x 0.4in x 17g and 1 3/4in x 0.7in x 17g oval tube. Safety Improvement 'Raised Shoulder Harness' DH.82A Approved Modification. Steel tie-down plates, fuel cock shims. Glenn Thompson, New Zealand . Email:

Available for trade: DH.60X and DH.60G parts to trade for DH.60M parts. Contact Glenn Thompson, New Zealand . Email:

For sale. 1943 Tiger Moth. Permit to fly, training yellow, recently overhauled LA604 Invincible propeller. New tie rods and overhauled undercarriage. Mid-life engine, heavy duty exhaust, recent fuel tank. 720 channel radio, Lynx intercom. Some spares. A reliable, nice flying Tiger Moth, light to the touch. £45,000. Mark Blois-Brooke, Berkshire , England . Tel +44 (0)7500 794402. (GB.) Email:

For sale. Tiger Moth rebuilding project, previously G-ANNE, build number 83814. This airframe was rescued from Zaire in about 1978 and is located in Payette , Idaho , USA . Restoration was just started by my husband, Gene Wilkie, who was killed in an aircraft accident in June 2017. Gipsy Major engine (received from England ) and propeller are with the project, condition unknown. The project was stored in a container for several years but has been unloaded and moved to Gene's hangar at Payette Municipal Airport . The story was related in The Moth 169, page 10 . Interested parties please call Mrs Emi Wilkie. Tel. 208 369 6996 ( USA ). Email: or

Wanted. Fuel filter bowl for Gipsy Major engine installed in a Tiger Moth. If there is sufficient interest the Club would be willing to coordinate a small production run. John Baxter, Sheffield , England . Email:

For sale. Fairey Reed metal propeller 61326A, D 6.17 x P. 6.01. Suitable for a DH.85 Leopard Moth, DH.87B Hornet Moth or Miles Whitney Straight. Details from Dave Welch, GB. Email:

For sale. Two magnetos BTH AG4-10/1 for Gipsy Major 10/2. Complete inspection and overhaul in 2014, TSO 96 hours. EASA Form One available. Complete harness in good condition with Lodge plugs. Some new spare parts for contact breaker. Carlos Bravo, Calle San Juan de Avila 3 tercero, 28033 Madrid , Spain . Tel. +34 606 980544. ( Spain .) Email:

Tiger Moth for sale. VH-WEM. Only 50 hours since total rebuild. Details from Nick Heiniger, 11-13 Little Street, Forster, NSW 22418 , Australia . Tel. + 61 4 1616 8542. ( Australia .) Email:

Wanted. ASI suitable for a DH.87B Hornet Moth or a facility capable of repairing the one I have. Need help. Larry Loretto, Canada . Email:

Wanted. Wire separators for Hornet Moth rigging. Henry Labouchere , Norfolk , England . Tel. +44 (0)7799 035868. (GB.) Email:

Wanted. Passenger seats for DH.89A Dragon Rapide restoration. For sale. Springs for venturi valves. Please contact Ken Pye, Toddington, Bedfordshire, GB. Tel. +44 (0)1525 872408. (GB.) Email:

Wanted. Authentic period watch holder for operational Tiger Moth cockpit, part number AM 6A/1465. Offers please to Phil Shaw, Malta Aviation Museum . Email:

Wanted. All parts of a canopy system for a DH.82C Tiger Moth. Offers please to Tony Palmer, West Sussex, England . Email:

Wanted. Altimeter for operational 1941 Tiger Moth. Darryl Markowski, 15221 Del Gado Drive, Sherman Oaks, California 91403, USA. Tel. 415 613 9573. (USA.)

Wanted. Any leads to finding the de Havilland promotional film in which my uncle, Frank Hearle, appears with other members of the de Havilland board of directors. Offers and suggestions, please, to Peter Hearle. E-mail:

Wanted. A good biplane Moth (or Stampe), but principally de Havilland, so it could be a Chipmunk. The aircraft would have to be absolutely right or recently rebuilt. Please contact Martin Cowburn. Tel. +44 (0)1253 736887. (GB.) E-mail:

For disposal: wooden transport stand for Gipsy engine, probably six cylinder type. If no interest by December 2017 the unit will be relegated to a garden feature. Please contact David Ellwood, Cock Hill, Stirton, Skipton, Yorkshire BD23 3LH. Tel. +44 (0)7931 505317. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. Tiger Moth ZK-BEF. The aircraft has been owned by the CHB Aero Club at Waipukurau since 1994 and is reluctantly offered for sale by tender in an ‘as-is-where-is’ condition. Details of the tender may be obtained from Ross Macdonald, CFI, CHB Aero Club, New Zealand. E-mail:

For sale. To clear, a number of Dragon Rapide models by Oxford Diecast. Details of price and colour schemes on request from the Stockbox. E-mail:


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