The Moth no. 176

Wanted. Help tracing pictures of Captain D'Urban V. Armstrong's Sopwith Camel C6713 from No 78 Squadron. Information about the colour scheme of that particular aeroplane is urgently wanted. Please contact Wolf in Germany . E-mail:

Wanted. A source of new Sutton harness suitable for a Tiger Moth or details of an overhaul facility who can work on our harness and issue paperwork. Please contact Wout den Hollander, Royal Netherlands Air Force Historical Flight, Gilze Rijen, the Netherlands. E-mail:

Wanted. Front and rear cockpit headrolls (crashpads) for DH.82A Tiger Moth: wooden frames and padding. Nino Catto , Italy . E-mail:

Wanted. The Royal Australian Air Force Museum is trying to locate a port engine mount for a Gipsy I/II engine, part number 801-67, for fitment to a DH.60 Moth restoration project currently underway in the Museum's workshops. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. David Jones, Technical Curator RAAF Museum , RAAF Base WILLIAMS, Australia . Tel. +61 3 8348 6321. Fax. +61 3 8348 6153. Mobile . +61 417 679 013. ( Australia .) E-mail:

Chipmunk share for sale. Based at Thruxton this classic aircraft is operated by a group of senior pilots who are looking for a like minded and experienced pilot to join them. Share cost £5,000, £70 per month, £40 per hour dry. For more information contact Peter Oglesby. Tel. +44 (0)7940 832788. E-mail:

Wanted . A standard Weston Electric (USA) tachometer, electrically powered from the tachometer drive via a three-prong plug fitted into the back of the instrument. Spare parts also sought for this type of tachometer. Stephen Eisenstein, Sherwood, Queens Road , Oswestry, Shropshire SY11 2JB. Tel +44 (0)1691 655734. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. Share in working Tiger Moth run by a mature Group based at White Waltham. Offers please to Tel. +44 (0)118 9403863. (GB.)

Wanted. Two control columns for DH.82A Tiger Moth. Offers please to William Layzell, Touchdown Engineering , Old Buckenham Airfield, Old Buckenham, Norfolk NR17 1PU , England . Tel. +44 (0)1953 861351. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale . Hordern Richmond 571/R/1 propeller, diameter 6ft 10in, pitch 3.53ft. Good used condition. Suit Tiger Moth, Jackaroo etc. Bought as a spare but now surplus to requirements. £900. Colin Ladd, 8 Haymakers Lane , Ashford , Kent TN23 4 GN. Tel. +44 (0)1233 625538. (GB.)

Wanted . Parts to screen BTH magnetos fitted to a DH.82A Tiger Moth: distributor screen and contact breaker covers, etc. Please call Richard. Tel. +44 (0) 7774 167351. (GB.)

For sale. DH.82A Tiger Moth N5446 ( California ) and DH.82C Tiger Moth N82CQ, the ‘C' prototype, currently in Driggs , Idaho , USA , and recently re-engined. Further details from Harry Schoning . E-mail:

Tiger Moth for sale. N8224. Standard Category C of A, TT 5,067 hrs, engine TSOH 22.5 hrs. Completely restored in 2009. Electric starter, brakes. Painted in RAF Training Yellow scheme. Full history available. Based at Wild Rose , Wisconsin . $85,000 obo. Contact Jim Stark. Tel. 715 513 0737. ( USA .) E-mail:

Spanners and sockets. A set of 8 Whitworth/BSF spanners, open at one end and ring at the other, 1/8in to 9/16in, in chrome vanadium at £19.99 including VAT; seven piece set 3/8in drive Whitworth sockets 1/8in to 1/2in on a tool bar at £16.99 including VAT, and a nine piece set of sockets from 1/8in to 9/16in at £23.99. Carriage extra. The 3/8in drive 1/4in BSF socket is an attractive thin wall version, ideal for getting onto the exhaust flange nuts on a Gipsy Major engine. Contact Ron Gammons . Tel. +44 (0)1462 490049. (GB.) E-mail:

Wanted. Unserviceable Gipsy Major engine parts for restoration of non-flying Miles Magister at the Museum of Berkshire Aviation on the site of the former Woodley Aerodrome near Reading : carburettor top mounting to secure to engine block, twin fuel pumps and associated pipe work. Offers please to Dave Scott. Tel. +44 (0)1494 445636. ( High Wycombe , GB.) E-mail:

For sale. DH.87B Hornet Moth G-ADKK, currently based at Compton Abbas Airfield. £50,000. Further details from Steve Sykes. Tel. +44 (0)7785 300911. (GB.) E-mail:

Wanted. Installation drawings of the Gipsy Major engine. That means drawings that show the dimensions of the engine itself, location of c/g, position of bearer feet, position of propeller face etc. Please contact Wolf , Germany . E-mail:

Wanted. Tiger Moth windscreen corner clips that fit on the top of the pillars to hold the glass retaining channel in place. For sale. A pair of Tiger Moth leading edge slats in pristine condition. Peter Grist. Tel. +44 (0)7889 634300. (GB.) E-mail:

Wanted. Do you have a Claudel Hobson carburettor which is the mirror image of the standard Gipsy Major unit? If so, this is a Queen Bee carburettor, reversed in design to avoid fuel starvation during catapult launches. One is required for the restoration of 1942 Queen Bee V4760 to airworthy condition. Any and all leads greatly appreciated. Also searching worldwide for other Queen Bee-specific items including any radio or autopilot equipment and ancillaries, propeller-driven pneumatic pump and propeller, telephone dial controller for the front instrument panel, etc. Offers please to Ian Grace, Seattle , USA . E-mail:

For sale. Quarter share in DHC-1 Chipmunk. Total 2,659 hrs, engine 504 hrs, new 8.33 KHz radio, Mode C, all ADs complied with. Based on a private strip north of Cambridge . Sensible offers. Tel. +44 (0)1763 264262 or +44 (0)7787 427589. (GB.) E-mail:

Tiger Moth share for sale. A quarter share in Tiger Moth G-EMSY for sale. £155 per month, £35 per hour dry. Includes maintenance, hangarage, home landing fees, insurance etc. New permit. Based Old Sarum. Details from Jonathan Turnbull. Tel. +44 (0)1256 381568. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. Propeller, Drawing No. Z8010/5/C, diameter 6.84ft, pitch 3.53ft. Approved for all marks of Gipsy Major I in Tiger Moth, but extremely fine pitch for glider towing. Nice condition, black painted, no paperwork. Selling on behalf of a customer. Collect from DH Support, Duxford Airfield, Cambridgeshire, GB. Tel. +44 (0)1223 830090. (GB.) E-mail:

1930 Gipsy Moth in South Cambridgeshire . A DH.60M Metal Moth requires enthusiast(s) to manage/complete the restoration: either buy a share of the project or help complete this over the next couple of years and have an agreement to fly it. All major components are renovated or new and a zero timed Gipsy I engine can be included. Lack of time and other commitments has slowed this project which is worth completing. I would reluctantly consider selling the whole. Expressions of interest or for further details please contact Tony Jenkins. E-mail:

Wanted. A long-time de Havilland enthusiast is seeking a DH.80A Puss Moth or DH.85 Leopard Moth. Offers please to Malcolm Paul. Tel. +44 (0)7836 622551. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. NGK D6HA unshielded spark plugs available to Club members at a price of £2.00 each including VAT plus carriage costs of £3.50 for up to 20 plugs, GB based customers only. Overseas customers please enquire. Tel. +44 (0)1462 490049. (GB.) E-mail:

Have you tried the on-line shop at de Havilland Support? Tiger Moth and Chipmunk spares. DHSL subscribers should register at the on-line shop so that discount rates for CAS and TRA can be programmed. Website:

For sale. DH.60G Moth rudder hinge bolts Pt No H20338/1. Original stock. £10.00 each plus postage. From the deHMC Stockbox.

For disposal. An original, heavy duty, wooden transportation/storage frame, believed to be suitable for up to a six cylinder Gipsy-type engine. The frame is in excellent condition and situated in North Yorkshire . For further details please contact David Ellwood. E-mail:

Advice required. From their own experience can any member recommend a transponder suitable for installation in a Tiger Moth aircraft? In Brazil it will soon become mandatory for all aircraft, irrespective, to carry a transponder. Please contact Ninian Richardson, Sao Paulo , Brazil . E-mail:

For sale. A half scale model of DH.60G Moth G-AAAH, ‘Jason', built for exhibition purposes. (See feature in this issue of The Moth .) Located in Hull . Contact Trevor Ogilvy. Tel. +44 (0)7810 121316. (GB.) E-mail:

Tiger Moth for sale. G-BJAP. New Permit. Vintech engine with only 75 hours since complete overhaul. £65,000. Located in south west England . Further details from Keith Knight. E-mail:

Wanted. A complete set of wings for a DH.60T restoration project situated in Sweden . New-build, old and requiring overhaul, anything considered. Details please to Hans Ollongren, Stockholm . Tel. +46 709 971950. ( Sweden .) E-mail:

If you are a member of the de Havilland Moth Club and require any airframe parts to be run through an approved NDT organisation, providing you cover shipping and insurance we will check your parts on a cost-only basis. Please quote your membership number. David Firth, Aerospace NDT Ltd., Suite E6, Heyford House, First Avenue, Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN9 3RH, England. Tel. +44 (0)1302 770771 or +44 (0)7710 928786. Fax. +44 (0)1302 770956. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. White 100% silk aviation scarves, ideal for open cockpit flying. Cool in summer, warm in winter. Size 6ft x 18in, £15.50 including worldwide postage. Ideal gift. An absolute must for open cockpit flying. Contact Ineke Voeten, Z-ien Fashion and Design, Watermolenstraat 30, Roosendaal 4708 AN, The Netherlands. Tel/Fax. +31 165 561104. (The Netherlands .) E-mail: Website: Z-ien silk scarves are also available from the de Havilland Moth Club Stockbox.

Do your ‘Biennial Instructional Flight' with Moth Club member and Tiger Moth owner Peter Benest. No fee, modest donation to a cancer charity if appropriate. Located west of London or meet at a Club event. Tel. +44 (0)1635 253627or +44 (0)7876 318859. (GB.) E-mail:

Wing spars. Tiger Moth and Gipsy Moth replacement wing spars complete and ready to install. Wing internal wire assemblies. Control surface hinges. Many other components. See the Moth Service Register Sections 44, 49, 68 and 89. Form One approval for repairs conducted within our facility . N eil Davidson, Davidson Aeroworks, Canada . Tel. +1 250 427 7178. ( Canada .) E-mail:

If you need a part for your airframe or engine or somebody to paint it or fit it or modify it or inspect it, and then provide pilot equipment, teach you to fly and maintain your ratings or take you for a joyride, the chances are you will find what you need in the Club's Moth Service Register (MSR) which is updated regularly every month, without fail. Website:

Maintenance and C of A and Permit renewal recommendations for all fixed wing airframes, metal and wood, and all engines in fixed wing aircraft. A, B, C and X licence cover, LAA Inspector status. Fixed base at Redhill Aerodrome but willing to travel within Surrey , Kent , Sussex and M25 boundaries. Contact Barbara Kingsley and Barry McGrath. E-mail:

Touchdown Engineering Limited , Old Buckenham Airfield, Norfolk . Established over 10 years. Annuals, ARC renewals, 50 hour checks etc. EASA Part M, Sub part F, G and I. Approved for Annex I aircraft, CAA M2 (A8-24) and CAMO (A8-25). Approved for Annex II aircraft. FAA and LAA coverage available. Contact William. Tel. +44 (0)1953 861351 or Paul +44 (0)7785 396457. (GB.). E-mail:

For sale. Slick magneto kits. The late Ed Clark of Moth Aircraft Company, California , engineered Slick kits as a way to have new magnetos for Gipsy Major engines. The kit includes two new Slick magnetos, wiring harnesses for either British or American spark plugs, all hardware for installation, installation instructions and a copy of the STC. US$4,335, price subject to change. Please add US$50 if the wiring harness is to be provided with connectors for British spark plugs. Further details from Connie Clark, Moth Aircraft Company, California , USA . E-mail:

1943 Tiger Moth for sale . Permit to Fly, training yellow, recently overhauled Invincible propeller and undercarriage. New tie rods. Mid life engine, heavy duty exhaust, recent fuel tank, 720 channel radio, Lynx intercom, some spares. A reliable, nice flying Tiger Moth, light to the touch. Sensible offers invited. Mark Blois-Brooke, Berkshire , GB. Tel. +44 (0)7500 794402. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. New production Puss Moth star decals for application to undercarriage legs. These have been made as exact replicas of originals found on an unrestored aircraft. They are self-adhesive and silk screen printed on aluminium foil. £20 each. Contact Tim Williams, Berkshire , GB. E-mail:

For sale. Tiger Moth sewn Irish linen rudder bags Pt No 52773ND in sealed boxes, 1952 de Havilland spares manufacture. £25 each plus postage and VAT if applicable. Available from the deHMC Stockbox.

For sale. Offered by a Tiger Moth restorer: 1996 Mini Cooper 1.3 injection, right hand drive, Tartan edition, factory installed air conditioning, original 10 in wheels and brakes, Moto Lita steering wheel. Mint condition. Rust free. Low mileage. Full details available from Eric Lison, Antwerp , Belgium . Tel +32 475 460744 ( Belgium .) E-mail:

For sale . DH.106 Dove. 25 hours flown since total restoration. Asking price $100,000 (Australian) approx. £50,000. Full details from Ron Ennis, Australia . E-mail:

For sale. Out of time Gipsy Major 1 complete with magnetos and carburettor. Stored since removal from a Tiger Moth aircraft, ideal for overhaul. For sale. Tiger Moth 19 gallon fuel tank removed from Tiger Moth G-APFU. Repaired and tested and ready for installation. Further details on request. Paul Mullen, Mithril Racing, Goodwood Aerodrome, Chichester , PO18 0PH. Tel. +44 (0)1243 528815 or +44 (0)7803 623422. Fax. +44(0)1243 528815. (GB.) E-mail:

Wanted. Good condition DH.82A Tiger Moth. Details please to James Taylor, Shropshire , GB. Tel. +44 (0)7939 388767. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. A pair of wooden skis for Tiger Moth aircraft, one tagged ‘de Havilland' dated December 1941 and the other tagged Elliot Brothers. Good condition. Situated in Canada with my company ‘'. Further details from Shawn Carling. Tel 612 804 2247. ( USA .) E-mail:

For sale. Completely refurbished DH.82A Tiger Moth, G-ARAZ, based in Lincolnshire . Absolute bargain at £69,500. For further details contact David Porter. Tel. +44 (0)7970 033618. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. Tiger Moth project. Some restoration carried out. Also, complete Tiger Moth, good engine hours, radio, starter, brakes, tailwheel. Contact Michael Souch. Tel. +44 (0)1489 789829. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. New manufacture Gosport tube mouthpieces, made to original drawings from high-tech materials to prevent long-term deterioration. Contact Bruce Broady . E-mail:

Family Member for sale. Due to the arrival of a new family member (a Hornet Moth), we are now reluctantly selling Tiger Moth G-AFWI/BB814, 1939, Hatfield-built DH.82A based in Suffolk , England . A lovely machine with an interesting history: the last Royal Navy biplane to land on an aircraft carrier. Log books back to 1941. New DHSL tie rods, new LAA Permit. 5,983 hrs TTAF, 1,225 hrs engine (crank replaced at 536 hrs). Hoffman propeller, Filser comms, Becker transponder, stainless steel rigging wires. £60,000 for sale or may consider syndicating. Further details from Paul Harvey. Tel. +44 (0)7921 579396. (GB.) E-mail:

For sale. Australian-built DH.82A Tiger Moth A17-063. Exceptional older restoration. Low airframe hours and very low engine hours SMOH. All ADs covered, always hangared, no commercial use. Very original except for Slick magneto conversion and radio. Contact Mike. Tel.+61 4 1755 2446. ( Australia .) E-mail:

Wanted. Four non airworthy bronze cylinder heads for a Gipsy III engine under preparation for static display. Also need unserviceable magnetos. Tony Dyer, Salisbury , Wiltshire, GB. E-mail:

Wanted . A source of BSF nuts and bolts for a Tiger Moth restoration project in a metric environment. Who can help with small quantities at realistic prices? Offers please to Carlo Bucciarelli, Italy . E-mail:

For sale . New oval T35 steel tube 1in x 0.4in x 17g, 1.75in x 0.7in x 17g, square DTD 535 tube 7/8in x 7/8in x 20g. Will cut to length. Other sizes available. DH.60M and DH.82 Raised shoulder harness mod for improved safety and comfort, now flying in New Zealand , Canada and Australia . Contact Glenn Thompson. E-mail:

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